Hi there guys,

Just a quick update to show you what we’re working on. We’re also looking for some feedback on this. So feel free to comment and tell us what you like and dislike about it.


Right now we’re working on biomes, in particular we’re sinking a lot of time into the forest biome.

Each biome will be different per planet, so a forest on one planet may look entirely different from a forest on another. It’ll contain different spawns, different loot, different terrain, ores, you name it.


Here are a few work in progress shots. They show three forests, all on the same terrain type, on different planets.







As explained these are work in progress shots, the procedurally generated plants aren’t in yet (the small ones), and in the first two shots the pine trees in the background are placeholders. In the final version the background trees will match the trees in the foreground, as with the final screenshot. Also in general as we add more content everything will become more varied.


Some questions for you.


Do you like what you see? Is it pretty?

Is there enough variety from planet to planet?

Do the forests feel cohesive in design?


Give us your feedback and we’ll take it on board :)


Hopefully we’ll get a video out to you this weekend or shortly after showing some more of this stuff off.