Upcoming combat changes

So combat has been on the list of things to revamp for some time and we’re currently implementing and tweaking a bunch of the combat mechanics based on feedback.

Implemented so far:

* directional melee weapons. You now aim your swing with the mouse cursor. Some mods attempted to make melee weapons directional in the past and although these mods repositioned the weapons hitbox they didn’t rotate it. We now have a true implementation of aimable melee.

*weapon ‘swoosh’ stays on screen for  a shorter amount of time making you time your swing precisely

*monsters move roughly 50% slower

*monsters feel heavier

*monsters jump less high

*knock back adjusted

I’ll be continuing to work on combat for a couple of weeks and will be updating on progress regularly. Feedback is welcome. I’ll be pushing updates to combat on the unstable branch fairly often so you can give it a try.