Starbound Chronicle first issue!

Hi guys,


We’ve just launched our first proper issue of the Starbound Chronicle. If you’ve already signed up it should appear in your inbox sometime today or tomorrow. (We had over 20,000 subscribers in the first couple of weeks of signup, and our server is only sending a limited number at a time). If you don’t want to wait, or you haven’t signed up yet. Just hit the newspaper button on the right bar and you’ll get access to the signup page plus an archive of previous issues.


The first issue contains a bunch of goodies, an exclusive piece from the soundtrack, a document on avian history and some info on development.

Also some community emails and responses.
It’s worth checking out!
Also keep an eye on your spam folder and make sure if it ends up there, you tell your filter it’s not spam. You should be fine receiving the rest of our emails from then on out. Hotmail seems especially prone to doing this right now.