Starbound 1.2.2 [UNSTABLE]

Hey, it’s Friday! Happy Friday!
We’ve just pushed a small hotfix to the unstable branch. Here’s what we’ve changed:

  • Fix a bug causing frequent save file corruption on Windows after power loss
  • Fix generated monsters not using their special attacks
  • Fix kill achievements not unlocking properly
  • Fix several materials being erroneously tillable or tilling with the wrong tile mod
  • Fix a dungeon piece in underwater Hylotl cities occasionally failing to place
  • Fix a dungeon piece in ice vaults occasionally failing to place
  • Fix airship dungeon sometimes spawning without a clue object
  • Fix Dreadwing not properly dying when killed with Doomcannon
  • Disable Outpost return gate to prevent several potential exploits
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Santa has gone ho ho home, to return another Christmas!

This is our first post of 2017, incidentally! We hope you all had a great holiday break and a good start to the new year. The Vault Update we released in mid-December seems to have gone down really well, and we’re even more excited about the update we’re working on now. More on that soon. :)
<3 'Til next time!