Server Downtime

Hi there. I have wonderful news. We’re not dead!

Our server had a hard drive crash. We knew it was coming, but because kyren and I are both system administrators and programmers, we allocated our time to the game rather than to the server, (perhaps incorrectly).

We had complete backups, so no data was lost permanently. We also took this opportunity to migrate to a new server with a RAID1. The new server is physically located in England, rather than in Chicago. Which might means some extra latency to you folks in the US, and less latency to you guys in the UK. You shouldn’t notice it much though. Special thanks for the folk at Creeperhost for supporting us through this. Things probably would have gone much worse without their tireless help.

Work is still being performed on the server right now. I’m setting up a backup system and some monitoring tools. There might be some hiccups as I install stuff, etc. So we’re not quite back up to 100% yet. Just wanted to open up the site again ASAP.

Hopefully, we’ll have an interesting content update for you guys soon. Rather than a boring technical BS update. But at least it’s better than “ERROR ESTABLISHING DATABASE CONNECTION”