September 2nd – New Mission Prep

Hey y’all!

I spent my day helping George by setting up a dungeon file and key for the mission he’s about to start working on. He had already knocked up a detailed plan of the mission’s structure and layout, so he spent most of today roughing it out visually in-game while I worked on getting a functional setup together. George seems keen to tell a story with the environment, so he’s been creating a bunch of cool new objects as he’s progressed.

It looks for the most part like he has everything necessary to get started turning it into a functional location, so most likely he’ll be spending the next week focusing on this mission. I’ll probably get called in from time to time to help him with the finer points of the dungeon system, but I’m really looking forward to seeing how he does with it, since his mockups are generally very good and having someone else to work on this stuff with me will be most welcome.

Sorry I don’t have anything fancy to show off, it’s just been that kind of work lately and we’d like to keep at least a few surprises, if possible.

Good night!