Nov 19th – Sep 8th???

Oh dear lord, I don’t think I’ve made an update since…

<checks post log>

Sep 8th???

Oh, ummm… <looks around nervously>  I uh, I think we’ve done some things since then, yeah, let’s check git…

<git log –since=”sep 8″ | egrep ‘^commit’ | wc>

1482    2964   71136

1482 is a lot of commits, okay, I’m sure I can find one thing to talk about at least, it needs to be super duper important too.  What to post, what to post..


I give you the beachball:

And the paper plane:

In all seriousness we have all been working crazy hard trying to get the next stable update out, and have been making really really good progress.  It’s just that some of us <cough> forget to do an update for a while.  Since I posted last I’ve finished the new status system, the new liquid system,  and I’ve done terrain gen stuff,  lua bindings stuff, networking stuff, tech stuff, bugfixing stuff… lots and lots of stuff.

Back to work!