Not.. Not the 8th of June progress update


Today saw a couple of cool developments, particularly with some of our lovely contributors.

ArchVince has fixed the last few (known) bugsin his new terrain code, and has merged that in!  This means that a couple of our  terrain generators (mountain and canyon) look a lot better than they have been and are a lot more interesting and navigable.  They look awesome, good job Arch!

Bartwe has been working on a very important change regarding status effects that will allow us to have lots of status effects defined by data rather than hard-coded, which will make working with status effects much easier.  He’s now done with his change, but unfortunately not before losing about 12 hours and his sanity on a massive debugging session.  It’s over though!  I feel for ya man, good job.

Omni continues working on the 3d printer interface and associated non-interface code and is nearly done, as far as I know.  Go omni! you can do it!

I continue to be embroiled in a multiple-day change for humanoid NPCs phase 1.  I’ll have more to say about that once it’s in place, which hopefully will be late tomorrow.  I’ve also made an update to our physics code that should allow other parts of the code to easily mod physics behavior temporarily, so that things like status effects can slow you or increase your mass or friction.  It’s a pretty minor change, but hopefully it will go along well with the status effects stuff that bartwe is doing.

The artists continue their artisty work on things like ship improvements, legris continues his work on intro sequences, and Tiy has been experimenting with a cool new “ship design” that we’re not sure will make it in or not, but damn is it cool!

Aaaaand…. I’ve saved the most important for last.  We have a new code contributor named “jordo” that has been helping us lately, and he’s super smart and capable, and has already being a huge help.  He has been doing some monster AI work and, just recently, implemented the most advanced, most important feature in all of Starbound…

Are you ready???

The fishes swim away from you!!!

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 5.56.48 AM

Kyren out.