May 12th Progress


So today we got in 240 armor descriptions. They appear on the tooltip/crafting window like this:

tooltipRight now it’s using the helmet’s icon as it’s preview image, which is obviously rather low res. It’s going to actually display the helm on a mannequin instead. Also the area beneath the armor/warmth ratings will contain icons that indicate the special abilities attached to the armor.

Bartwe continued work on the crafting window, it now has a very nicely functioning search/filter tool:


The next thing to add is category buttons beneath the search bar.

Kyren continues her work on deep engine features.

Omni has completed our book reading interface, though no screenshots of that at the moment because he’s spending weekend with family.

Our artists have been working on armor generators.

Armagon has completely finished up the glitch castle generator and is moving back to avian tombs to give them a little more flair.