June 20 – Wires!

Today I took a (short) break from working on monsters to fix some longstanding wiring bugs. This is stuff that’s been bothering me since I started modding in December so fixing it has been super satisfying.  First, I fixed the selection code so that wires can be properly connected and disconnected to and from nodes that are packed closely together:

After that, I fixed a bug that prevented wires from being disconnected at all in the current nightly, fixed some world wrap issues with node selection, and a couple of other minor things. Finally, I think I managed to solve the ages-old bug that caused some wire connections to be broken during world loading! Hopefully some of you testing the nightly builds can help confirm that this no longer happens (after it’s updated tonight).

All in all, these fixes should make the wire system much more usable. Now I’m off to spend the weekend messing around with new ideas for wired objects… see you all next week!