Jun 10 things

I’ve been doing a bunch of things lately, mostly fixing a couple of very nasty bugs and assisting on engine side work with monsters as well as implementing the AI interface.  I recently fixed a really really nasty bug where our networked animation system positions were being de-synced in position with the logical position, and this required a slight rework of the client side networked animator which pulled all of the client side code outside of the server code, making the system better overall anyway.

I’ve been doing a lot of one off bugfixes for metadept, fixing projectiles and changing the update method for our scripted entities, adding to the lua api.  I fixed a nasty nasty network bug which made the server send huge amounts more data than it should, which I need to check on current steam stable.  Thanks to Underbalanced for reporting this bug to omni.  I actually ran into the bug independently working on the networked animator bug, but that confirms that it is occurring on the steam stable build and needs to be fixed.

I fixed a whole series of universe deadlocking bugs caused by a worker pool class we use not being COMPLETELY TOTALLY impervious to re-entry deadlocks.  That was fun.

I spent maybe 3 hours tracking down some particle animation problems, which turned out be a one line fix.

Then comes the AI ui stuff… our UI code is kind of.. special.. at the moment.  This has been somewhat in my way as of late getting the AI code working, so in the process of building the AI gui I’ve fixed maybe a zillion UI bugs and hopefully introduced significantly less than that in the process.  None of it is particularly interesting, it’s just kinda sucky.

Finally, we’re preparing to restore the build server (it’s nearly done actually) and start doing AUTOMATED SCRIPTED NIGHTLY UPLOADS to steam.  These will be AUTOMATED builds that are SCRIPTED and occur NIGHTLY, so huge huge warning signs will be placed around them, they are only for dedicated interested people to track development and experiment, not really for normal play.  They could eat your dog, set your house on fire, eat your house, or set your dog on fire, who knows.  They also might be broken, so don’t complain.