July 31st – Crafting Progression & Floating Dungeons

Hey guys, just wanted to drop you an update on what’s been happening today!

For my part, I wrapped up work on the crafting progression. As we implement the over-arching objectives for the tiers, the current setup will likely undergo minor modifications and additions, but it’s looking super solid right now. We even have a few new crafting objects that George put together.

What's this for?
Another bit of exciting news for the day is that Kyren has implemented floating dungeons. It might not sound like much, but what this means is we can now create dungeons that are situated in outer space without being tied to a specific planet or biome. Right now this functionality is being used for the gateway and outpost, but it could also be used for creating things like derelict vessels, space stations and instanced missions. Exciting possibilities to be sure!

With the crafting, outpost and gateway updates out of the way, I also began setting up the dungeon file and key for the moon mine George showed off the other day. I’m hoping to have it all set up to start building tomorrow, assuming no other high priority tasks come up.

That’s it from me! Take care everyone, and enjoy the rest of your evening!