July 3 – Miscellany

I’ve spent today bouncing around between a number of tasks, so I figured I might as well do the daily update too! My main project has been sorting out a bug with text rendering that caused some labels to be incorrectly positioned, so I fixed that and have been making sure our label anchors act in sensible ways. I’ve also been helping Armagon as he goes through a HUGE list of existing light-emitting objects, cleaning them up and adding scripts to allow them to be toggled and wired.

As for the rest of the team, progress continues on the ship AI and early game tutorial quests, with new AI/quest functionality, quest icons, and a bunch of new quest text. Kyren is doing a major rework of the tile rendering system which should be a big boost to performance, particularly on the ‘neighbor-aware’ tile types such as the pipes used in the new outpost design. Omni is working on fixing bugs in versioned variant handling that were causing some improper data to be passed to and from the Lua API.

The coolest thing I’ve done today, however, is integrating some awesome new changes to the standing turrets made by healthire! In addition to being placeable on walls and ceilings, turrets now have an internal energy pool that replenishes over time, and an inventory slot that you can place any kind of gun in, which will determine the type and damage of the turret’s attack. This should keep them useful at higher tiers and also give you a reason to keep those extra guns you find!