July 14 – Works in Progress

Today’s been a typically busy Monday so we didn’t get around to making any flashy GIFs, but here are a few highlights of the day’s development:

  • I’ve been fixing bugs with flying monster behavior, working with kyren to make some big improvements to the Lua entity queries, and playing around with skill balance for small monsters
  • Kyren is continuing her rework and optimization of the tile rendering system
  • OmnipotentEntity is updating and improving the status effect and character status system
  • Supernorn added some new, more military-styled human armors
  • Armagon added more microdungeons to improve underground variety
  • GeorgeV is still working on some major progression-related art that I probably shouldn’t spoil
  • …lots of other bits that I’m sure I’m forgetting. Good night, everyone!

EDIT: Didn’t see Omni’s post when I wrote this so there’s some overlap, but better two posts than none I suppose!