February 4th – Another day of progress!

Hey guys, it’s been a while!

January ended up being a bit of a crazy month for me, with the sheer multitude of changes and additions in the lead-up to our big stable update, so I apologize for not having made any updates during that time! This past weekend following the release of our stable update, I sat myself down and just played Starbound, the way I normally would any other game. Bugs and little issues did creep up along the way, so I made sure to take notes, and so I’ve been powering through my laundry list of changes and fixes to make things overall just that little bit better!

Here’s some of the latest changes from the team:

– Human prison dungeon appearing without it’s shield generator should now be fixed. I tested this pretty thoroughly, but be sure to let us know if it crops up again!
– Expanding on the food rarity changes Metadept mentioned previously, the rarities have been adjusted on all the currently available prepared foods based on the potency of its effects. Anything rated rare or legendary is going to provide pretty powerful or especially long-lasting buffs. This should make it easier to get to the really good stuff on your cooking table.
– You can now craft basic capes on the spinning wheel!
– Poison and burning debuffs from food items have had their durations drastically reduced.
– Wandering merchants should be less insanely durable.
– A slew of sound changes and additions across the board.
– The last sets of human armor graphics have been replaced.
– Wire node graphics have been scaled down for a cleaner look.
– Stomped out numerous bugs.

There’s some other pretty neat stuff being worked on at the moment that I’m not sure we’re quite ready to talk about yet, but suffice to say good things are lined up for the coming weeks. As for me, it’s looking like I’ll be tackling the game’s economy soon, so that’s going to pose some interesting challenges I’m sure!

That’s it from me. See you next time!