August 8th – Mission to the Moon!

The last couple of days have been really exciting. As our work on progression continues, we’ve been putting some serious focus into our missions; what they will be, and how they’ll tie into the grand scheme. Those of you who follow the daily updates will likely recall the moon mine George showed a mockup of a little while ago. Well, now you know what it was for!

We sat down and mapped out the overarching goal, structure, events, and enemies for the player’s first mission. Unlike the dungeons where I would generally build a single carefully detailed room at a time, we intend the development of this mission to be a highly iterative process, with feedback and ideas from other members of the team.

For now I’ve got the entire layout boxed out with a loose scale reference, but next week I’m going to really go to town shaping it into an actual environment. Detailed decoration will come later after we’ve got something solid we can actually play through.

I’m honestly really excited. Being able to work on a carefully constructed experience from start to finish will be a refreshing change of pace from having to build dungeons that are inherently dynamic in nature, as I am not bound to the limitations that randomly generated layouts bring with them. In the interest of keeping specific elements a mystery, I won’t be sharing any media of it today, but I’m sure you guys can understand.

In any case, that’s it from me. Take care and good night!