8th and 9th October progress

Hi guys,

Today a whole bunch of underground mini-biomes were added. Many of which are very unique.

We’ve also populated the Avian airships with unique NPCs. Building pirates that react in various amusing ways.

Village guards got another behaviour upgrade, they get upset if you wield weapons whilst in town.

Ignoring multiple requests to put the weapons away could result in trouble.

NPCs and hostile monsters now battle eachother and village guards will keep the towns free of rogue monsters.

We also added this nifty little item, it can appear on any planet (and there are various similar items). It works a little bit like a fountain or shrine in a roguelike.

Activating it will result in a surprise.



the gif doesn’t loop very well, sorry!

We’ve also started adding a few changes that will make the above ground terrain more interesting.