10th October Progress

Hey everyone! Oops, this one’s a bit late.

Yesterday we focused a lot on making sure the transition between tiers smooth and balanced! A few of us had a serious late-night brainstorm session about it on the inside of a box of Cheerios.

We implemented some more tiered objects, too, like a crafting table upgrade.

Some more tweaks were made to NPC shops! It’s looking really really cool. Yesterday I was in a village and walked up to an NPC who said, “Follow me back to my store!” I did (maybe against my better judgement– who knows what kind of shady stuff they might have been selling?) and the NPC walked back to a market stall and sold me some weapons. :D

And as per usual, we’re working on dungeons and minibiomes.

Today we’ll continue with tier progression, hopefully get loads of it done! Woooo

Screenshot 2013-10-11 12.24.48