7th September Progress

Afternoon ladies and gents!

Daily updates feel silly lately because where we’re at right now, we’re focusing on just about the same things each day. Sorry for the repetitiveness and repetitive lateness. :D

We’ve got Kyren still working out navigation with the star map and Bartwe working on in-game tech like the double-jump and dash, with artists assisting on animations to make everything look all pretty.

We’re still hard at work on making cool monsters and configuring them to work in-game. I’ll show you a mockup of an unfinished monster called a Divern!


We’re also still working away on dungeons– Armagon put in loads of hours on the prison dungeon this week and has been tweaking some of his older dungeon rooms just a bit because he’s a perfectionist. :P

In other news, we’ve been arguing over who looks better in a dress: me or Tiy. This is really important.