5th August – Island in the Sun

Hey everyone! :)

Among the furniture sets implemented by our artists recently is the island-themed set!


I’ve been showing off a lot of purely visual stuff on the blog recently, and there have been a few concerned comments wondering why we’re not working on core features instead. I wanted to take a second to reassure everyone that we absolutely are working on core features!

Towards the end of each day, I ask everyone in the office what they’ve been working on. The programmers do amazing work every day! It’s just not all that exciting to talk about — or even easy to talk about — until it’s finished and there’s something visual to go along with it. Most days, the art team has finished up something cool enough for me to post about immediately, is appealing to most of the audience and isn’t difficult to explain.

At the moment, our coders are working on performance, inventory and quest improvements as well as  balance and polish in preparation for the next stable update.

I hope this has been helpful! Let us know what you think of the island furniture set.

Have a lovely evening! <3