31st July Progress

Hi guys!

So today work continues on bosses, they’re now doing things in the game but there’s a fair bit to finish there.

We also got the durability system in. I know durability is a controversial subject. So i’ll explain once again what the current plan is with durability (as always, subject to any changes we might thing are required).

So first off, durability is only present on mining tools. Not swords, axes, guns or anything else. Secondly when your mining tool runs out of durability it doesn’t break. It’s simply marked as ‘blunt’ or similar. Blunt tools continue to work but are much less effective.

You can sharpen your mining tool at any time using an ore. The better the ore the sharper it gets. Returning to your ship automatically restores all mining tools to full durability. It’s very easy to keep your tools sharp assuming you aren’t mining straight down. Mining straight down is still an option, it’s simply no longer the most efficient one when it comes to traveling quickly.


Our first milestone for NPCs has been hit today, which means we’re making good progress there.

Some work was completed on sunsets/sunrises and skies.

Network performance was given another big improvement.

Dungeons were filled up nicely with loot.

We continue to add new biomes and content.

A huge amount of work was completed on melee combat to make it tighter and more responsive. The weapons were given new hitboxes, their stats were reconfigured, swing time was reconfigured among a whole bunch of other small tweaks. Combat is looking a lot better.

A whole bunch of other things too!