27th September Progress

Hi guys,

I’m finally back up to speed! My internet connection is all sorted out and I can finally get back into the swing of things.

So! We’ve continued to throw a whole bunch of work into NPCs. NPCs now know what ranges to use melee/ranged weapons at.

They navigate even better than.. well.. yesterday and have a bunch of additional behaviour.

We’re also working on making the NPCs match the area they come from. So previously the guard NPCs we showed off had generic guard armor.

Now Glitch guards look like this:



Rho and George continue to womp away on dungeons. George is busy finishing up a bunch of Hylotl content whilst Rho works on the Floran.

Kyren is working on some messy serialization problems that relate to how the players ship is saved.

Bartwe is tackling a small performance issue and is adding the ability to make NPCs shop keepers and quest givers.

Omni has added energy costs to the grappling hook, it now costs energy to wind it in and out.

Armagon is putting the finishing touches on the Glitch villages (roads, sign posts, farms, etc).

Progress is good!