27th May Progress

Hi guys

A whole lot of our day was taken up with getting the website steady on a new host today.

Let us know if it’s faster/slower or if you have any other problems with it.

Kyren finished her big physics change and will have some fun things to show on that front soon.

I spent an absurd amount of time (12 hours?) tweaking intro cinematics.

We didn’t want to simply load a video, that’s always very obvious and ugly.

So we have an in game system that allows us to create comic style cinematics, getting all the cinematic timings right (by tenths of a second) however requires quite some patience.

Omni is putting the finishing touches on the options menu.

Legris is working hard on providing utterly beautiful art for the intros.



On an entirely different note, by popular demand (and because it’s funny). We’ve decided to have a cosplay competition.

It’ll be up on the forums soon, you can post your best (or worst) attempts at Starbound cosplay.

And we’ll pick 10 for a free copy of the game + getting your name in the game as an NPC.

If you want to win, either make sure your costume is really awesome or really embarrassing.