25th October Progress

Evening everyone!

A *big important thing* we managed to get in today was support for status effect icons. We’ve been configuring all these status effects, but until now haven’t had a way to indicate to the player exactly what was going on. So, yay!

We’ve also quickly made a tree “brush” for dungeon generation keys that lets us make sure we’ve got some trees spawning in places like…Glitch villages, for instance. Towns are no longer barren wastelands!

Got some more blocks in, did some more dungeon work, fixed some bugs- particularly one with the placement of consumables in the player’s hand. I spent a lot of time today trying to make sure the “gradual healing” status effect wasn’t too powerful or too weak. Testing this out involved applying a damage status effect to banana bread and varying levels of the gradual healing status effect to a few other foods. Then I stood on my ship eating hundreds of loaves of poisonous banana bread and healing myself with pie. gamedevelopment.jpg

I leave you with a demonstration: