23rd March – Busy Monday!

Hello everyone!

Here’s what we’ve been doing today.

  • I’ve added the new axes and  implemented them to our internal build. There’s about 60ish unique axe heads, 60 handles, plus numerous palette possibilities. It equals a lot of possible variation!


  • GeorgeV has been helping out with some GUI tweaks, and has finalised the outpost remote teleporter shop, which Armagon is now implementing.
  • Rosiedeux has completed her timeline infographic, which will be a great reference tool for us as we work further on the storyline!
  • Metadept is continuing work on improvements to terrain generation
  • Healthire and Tom are continuing their pathfinding improvements
  • Necotho and SamuriFerret have been working on more remote teleporter variations, you’ll be able to buy these from the outpost store.


Now that axes are finished, I’ve started work on some additional sword hilt designs. This is very early work in progress stuff but thought you might be interested in a sneak peek! More of this to come in the week!


That’s all for now!