23rd February – Avian Ant Farm

Hey everyone!

We’ve got a really busy month ahead! I mean, that’s always the case, but apart from the usual dev work we’ve got all of the events coming up.

Here’s a breakdown of where we’ll be in March & April:

Hope to see some of you at PC Gamer Weekender or Norwich Game Festival! I know they’re UK-based — hopefully we’ll be able to attend more events all over the globe once 1.0 is released! Fair warning that you should expect to hear a bit less from us on the week of GDC, since we’ll be well outside of our normal work hours and running around to various talks and meetings. I’ll keep you posted via @StarboundGame and @ChucklefishLTD on Twitter. :)

This week we’ve got SamuriFerret, Healthire and GeorgeV working on various quests/missions, Necotho working on tier-specific dungeons, Rosiedeux and Lili working on polishing up the UI, Harriet is working on descriptions, Metadept working on Outpost upgrades and Supernorn and Tom working on backer rewards.

Stardew Valley by ConcernedApe is coming out on Friday, too. Here’s the latest trailer!

And here’s a little preview of an Avian village implemented by Necotho! Post your comments in this thread.