22nd May – Pod chests!

Happy Friday!

So Supernorn has been hard at work replacing Starbound’s ubiquitous wooden chests with something closer to status pods, which fit in quite a bit better with the theme of the game. :) Space, y’know?



Also, weapons chests now look an awful lot more like chests that contain weapons.



Also, Matter Manipulator upgrades are now based on collecting Matter Manipulator modules that you can find in chests.


You’ll also find tech chips (second row) in the chests, which you can combine them together to craft a tech drive (used to be called a tech card).

Upgrade components (third row) are currently used to upgrade the backpack lanterns. They’ll be used for more things in the future, like armours!

At the bottom row is the Autochip. If you find enough of them you can craft an Autodrive, which will be used for vehicles in the future.

Lemme know what you think!

See you next week!