20th July Update

Hi guys,

Today’s Saturday, which means weird random stuff day.

Today I worked on falling damage. We’ve had it in for a while, but I tweaked it to where it’s also based on velocity as well as time fallen, so you don’t get into situations where you jump then are knocked into the air when you fall on a monster only to crater when you land after bouncing. So that’s good. :) I also wrote an incomplete feature (waiting on assets) to where if you’re falling more than x seconds you start to produce a flame like a atmospheric reentry. Don’t know if that’s going to continue being a thing or not though. I also fixed a bug that caused player’s run animation to sometimes play backwards when they’re not holding anything.

I haven’t forgotten about the grappling hook. I just suspended work on it to work on other things for the time being. I’ll come back to it.

Bart spent most of the day hunting down little graphical errors that have been bothering him recently, generally having to do with floating point error. It’s hard, thankless work, but it’s got to be done, so send some love his way. Because that means I don’t have to do it, and I like not having to do things.

Kyren worked more on Asteroid generating algorithms for the new Biome. And Arch also did some terrain generating stuff.

Tiy worked on a bunch of little stuff, including changing up randomly generated names of swords, modifying the camera smoothing settings, and a bunch of little stuff.