1st April – Not a bug!

First of all, thanks for all of the lovely responses to yesterday’s video. A lot of you seemed to like that format for summarizing changes made to the game, which is very encouraging. We hope to make it the first of many!


We’re getting a bit closer to implementing those NPCs I’ve posted concept art of recently. It’s been fun to show you the artists’ design process from the very first brainstorming session– and personally, it’s really cool to watch the team give life to characters we’d only ever written about in lore. We’ve made some progress on character portraits, but they’re still a work-in-progress.

portraitchatbubbleI promise that the Floran princess isn’t actually a bug!

She’s a feature…kidding. She really isn’t a bug, though, that’s just a placeholder sprite.

Also, a couple of the programmers have been making a lot of headway on pathfinding. And as a bonus, here’s some concept art for a Glitch character!

nuruAnimated ‘Til tomorrow!