18th January – Tech Support

Hey everyone!

Metadept’s work on the new hunger system continues, but he’s also been spending some time overhauling techs! Here’s what’s happening with the new tech system:

Tech has been reduced to three tech slots (from four). Each of these slots will carry a base tech that the player is guaranteed to unlock over the course of progression. The three base techs are Double Jump, Distortion Sphere, and Dash.

Once a base tech is unlocked, you’ll be able to choose from three upgraded variants of it, and unlock each of them via tech card. Although you’ll still only be able to equip one variant at a time.

The reasoning behind this change is due to player behavior tending to sway towards a few specific techs. This is mostly down to many of the alternatives being very situational, with players not wanting to sacrifice important movement abilities in exchange for something more specialised.

The solution to this has been to take the most popular techs and give them more interesting variants, without the sacrifice of losing the functionality of the base tech.

Combined with the new augmentation system discussed last week, you can pull off some seriously powerful moves. Here’s an example of two upgraded techs in action, the Sonic Sphere and Wall Jump:

Mollygos is back in the office tomorrow, so you’ve all been spared a week of pun fuelled dev blog posting from me. If you’d like to comment, please post in this thread!