18th August Progress

Hi guys,

So today has been almost entirely bug fixes. We’re gearing up for our public showing at i49 so it’s bug squash city right now.

I’m going to do this changelog style because bug fixes really aren’t that interesting.

We managed a massive server speed increase.

Molly fixed some bugs with rice plants she was implementing.

Toggling between full screen + windowed no longer stops the music.

Tools are disabled during respawn animation.

A bunch of error handling was added across the board.

A new monster death animation was added.

A bunch of new food recipes were added.

The boss got a million tweaks and fixes, but I can’t really tell you about them!

The material bag part of the inventory got a clearer icon.

New DPS leveling curves were added.

We fixed a bunch of inventory bugs related to adding the second inventory page.

We fixed a bug with cascading blocks missing a texture when coloured differently to the default.

A bunch more small flying monster parts were added.

A bunch of changes to the way characters are saved.

And many smaller bug fixes.

I’m really looking forwards to having a complete, polished tier 1. Each additional tier after tier 1 essentially adds one new major gameplay changing feature. Many of which are almost done. It also adds a bunch of new items, armors, etc. All of which are already done. So it puts us in a great position to finish up the game. I’m also super excited to be meeting a bunch of you at i49 and hearing your feedback.