17th August Progress

Hi! GeorgeV here with another small update.

Today we tackled a lot of bugs and did a lot of adjustments.
Some UI errors were remedied such as some missing “mouse over” elements.
Some old art was replaced with new, better art.
An item stacking glitch came about again but was quickly elimenated.
A dupe bug was found and destroyed.
Jumping now activates per click instead of being able to hold it down (which created some odd rapid jump behaviors if the ceiling was low).
The tooltip for armor was redesigned.
The Zoom Level option in the Options menu was fixed so it works.
Characters weren’t saving when you picked “Save and Quit” but now do so.
Fixed an issue where the quest items that went to the new Tile Bag didn’t count towards the quest.
Splashes in liquids are now the correct color instead of always looking blue.
Work on progression and stats started being addressed more closely in order to find a more ideal curve foryour character’s growth and gameplay experience.
Etc, etc, etc…

There was just a lot done.

We’re full steam ahead for i49! I hope to see you there.


Oh, here’s a picture to me dying horribly to a boss. I may have cropped it too much.