17th September Update


Today was an awesome day, because today Omni’s long-awaited grappling hook tech– while still in need of tweaking– was finally ready to show off. It’s reeeaally fun!

Armagon started work on the Glitch village “dungeon” map, which is one we’ve been really excited to see in all its procedurally generated, Armagon-designed glory.

And Bart continued his work on NPC behaviors! It’s been really interesting to watch how they’ve evolved, intelligence-wise. Sleeping, sitting down and no longer walking into walls. Good stuff.

While we’re posting videos, last night Bart uploaded a video of the developer livestream we recorded late one night at I49! Loads of people missed out on it at the time, so here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Today we addressed some questions and feedback about communication/how we spread information, and how we can do better. It’s been a long day, but I’m working on getting the website up to date with the sort of news we regularly post on the forums, IRC and elsewhere that doesn’t quite make it onto the front page. So, look for all that plus the roadmap to be updated by the end of the week! Apologies if it seems like we’ve sort of slacked on it.

Goodnight, guys!