17th June Progress


Today was a super productive day, our programmers have been fixing things up all over the place ready for our next round of work.

We managed to get all 360 of the craftable melee weapons into the game, formatted nicely for use with the dye system so you can customize their look a little.

This took me from 2pm until 4:30am without a break and was totally worth it!

The weapons all match their ore colours nicely and compliment the armor that goes with that ore.



We also managed to get fiery and electric melee weapons in. A bunch of new flying NPC behaviours.

We reworked mountains and canyon terrain to be more playable and interesting.

We’ve just started using google hangouts as a ‘virtual office’ and I can’t recommend it enough. The combination of voice chat, webcam, screenshare, youtube, google docs etc all in one nice package is wonderful for productivity

Time to catch some sleep!