16th June Progress

Hi guys,

Happy Father’s day to any Dads that might be reading this.

A lot of the team were busy today attending to the aforementioned holiday.

As one of our weekend side projects we did get a bunch of work done on twitch.tv integration though.

You’ll be able to access the twitch settings panel from an in game console that currently looks like this:



And begin streaming to twitch from directly within the game.

I’m hoping that one day {some time after release) we’ll be able to integrate more services in this way.


It’d be nice to show that service integration doesn’t have to be appalling.

Twitter/facebook integration in games has always irritated me, you usually end up with a bunch of logos plastered everywhere and annoying reminders or panels popping up that you have to dismiss.  But I don’t think the idea in itself is bad, just the implementation is terrible. I’d like to have posting on twitter/facebook accessible from an item you place in the world/hold in your inventory. Much like the twitch panel. It’d be completely unintrusive, completely transparent and would only ever appear if you WANT to use it. What do you think?


– Edit –


Just to clear up some fears. Of course you won’t need twitter or facebook to play the game, of course it won’t post things automatically. This is what I meant by doing it right. If we do have time to implement this after release it’ll be a single item you can craft that’ll allow you to tweet/post. Outside of that you’ll never hear a single thing about facebook, twitter or twitch. Essentially if you’re not interested in any of these things, you won’t even know they’re there :).

Also, personally I don’t use facebook at all, it’s creepy.