14th May Progress

Hi guys,

So Omni is back from his family visit and had a chance to upload the codex system.

It still needs a little bit of a tweak, but here are some shots



Work has begun on translating codex entries into a format the game can read.


We’ve also been creating all the blueprint unlock item schematics, all 1300~ of them. Which took a rather large amount of time as you can imagine.

We spent some time experimenting with how to display these schematics in the toolbar:

test1 test2


I’m not sure if we’re quite happy with any of them yet though. Maybe we’ll add a shader to the items icon so it’s just a white silhouette on a blueprint background. A bit more mystery until you actually use the blueprint to unlock the crafting schematic.

I also managed to catch some live comedy tonight, that was nice!



Also one of our secret helper elves made a lovely tea-set. The game is really starting to make me feel as if I have a huge lego set in front of me.