14th July – Bazooka Penguin!

Evening everyone!

Healthire has been doing more work on NPC reactions/interactions, and I’m super excited to see them in action! On top of the stuff we’ve shown you recently, NPCs will do stuff like waving at players, following other NPCs without needing to chat first, spontaneously dancing. We’ve been doing loads of things that will really make NPCs feel a bit more ‘alive’, and I think people are going to like it. :)

Kyren’s been working on deep engine/performance-related stuff that should have fixed  a bunch of small, annoying pixel errors like humanoid necks separating from their bodies and guns being drawn wrong. Those are super annoying bugs, so we’ll all be happy to see them gone.

Also, hey, we’ve got a new artist on board! Say hello to Lili, who will be handling concept art. Check out her grumpy bazooka penguin!



‘Til tomorrow <3