13th June Update

Hi there,

I have been officially restricted from trolling during the daily update. :P

Today, I mostly worked on bug fixes for the crafting interface and the 3dprinter, (they use the same backend of the code).  There were some issues with certain recipes not showing up, and with some items being able to be “eaten” by the printer then they shouldn’t have been.  As well as some crashing bugs.  Then I worked on my laptop moving data around and properly upgrading the hard drive, (I had previously just thrown the hard drive in an installed Linux, I’m going back and making sure my dual boot works properly and that my data is backed up off of my old HD and that’s taking time.  Exciting, I know).  Recently, I did some big asset changes that eliminated lots of redundant information (inventory items and automatic 3dprinter recipes for objects), and we’re just generating that on the fly now.  My next project is going to be rather boring.  Bug hunting!

Kyren made a huuuuuuuuuge merge, and now we have humanoid NPCs.  They’re naked for right now, and they only walk left and right.  But it’s a really big change.  The game’s coming together!  And I’m excited :D

Bartwe is working on the damage system, doing scaled knockbacks and he recently rewrote the status effect system.  Huge change.  Lots of redundant code eliminated.

Tiy’s been helping out Bartwe and I deal with the ridiculous numbers of config files that need to be mutated from the recent changes.  Lots of hard work, hat’s off to him.

Work has moved from Glitch Castle to Apex Heights on the dungeon design front.  And Armagon added a frying pan that goes bang when you hit someone with it.

That’s it for today.  Good job PaRappa, you can go on to the next stage now. (Noting my previous restriction on trolling, this link has nothing to do with Starbound).