13th January – My backpack is augmented

Hey everyone! After some site wide maintenance, we’re back online. There’s lots of progress to report so let’s get straight to it.

Environmental Protection Packs

Armagon has been working on a more satisfying replacement for the nano-skins, that provide protection against the range of biome hazards. Not only are these new wearable protection packs craftable, you can customise them with augmentations that bestow the player with useful buffs. They can also be used in conjunction with your Techs!

breathing EPP    augmentEPP

Survival Mode

As you might know, Metadept has been working hard on the reimplementation of hunger. You’ll be able to enable this by selecting the new Survival Mode option at the character creation screen. It’s a heavy work in progress right now, but we have a basic implementation working in-game.

A hunger bar appears beneath the player’s energy bar, and will slowly deplete over time. When the bar is empty, you’ll start suffering from a starvation status effect which will begin to drain your health. In order to keep you on your toes, and hinder those who’d stock an infinite supply of food in their inventories, food will slowly rot and become inedible over time.


  • Player pets are not only capturable, but you’ll be able to do a lot with them! (There’ll be more on that soon!)
  • Necotho and GeorgeV have completed work on the new Tier 6 Scorched City biome
  • Work on fossils continues, with many new fossils to discover!
  • A lot of work is continuing into the story content and missions (but not much can be revealed right now).

That’s all for now!

Until our comment section is fully functional, please post your thoughts in this thread!