13 July Progress

Evening folks!

It’s the weekend, and weekends are for side projects/polishing up.

The song system’s GUI is finished now! Band functionality is fully…functional! So you can enter a band name to play music with your friends. Traverse the universe in your kick-ass tourship. Serenade Big Ape with your sultry jazz tunes! The possibilities… Note that the songs listed in the screenshot below won’t be in-game. You’ll have to add them in yourself using ABC notation files! It’ll be super easy, though. :)


A bunch of hats were implemented today too, because you should never underestimate the importance of hats.

Bartwe spent his day off working through quest functionality, which is coming along nicely! We’re really anticipating finally being able to test out some quests.

The last of the race-specific item descriptions were finished today…at least, for existing items! We’ll be adding loads more, of course.

And I continue to work on the food system when I can spare a moment. It’s fun and surprisingly challenging to try and form race-specific food menus that are balanced and interesting.

See you tomorrow! <3