12 July Progress

Hi guys,

Today has been wonderfully productive again.

We added another big set of items to find, from flares to ocarinas. We’ve got a list of items we want to get in that will provide a whole bunch of fun things to play with.

We also worked on the way biomes spawn objects. These include smashables, crops and chests and works hand in hand with the chest database we’ve been working on lately.

Work is also continuing on our quest system, the first quests we’re adding are a small number of tutorial quests that teach you the absolute basics.

Given that most of this update is a ‘we’re continuing what we were doing yesterday’ update, I figured I’d show you something Stephen our audio guy is doing.

It’s massively WIP and can sound a little odd at times, but it’s hilarious. Here is singing in Starbound



In other Chucklefish news, the Risk of Rain dev team is announcing the addition of Online coop to Risk of Rain tonight. I’ve tried it out and it’s a crazy amount of fun.

Check out their trailer here:

Also, here are a few keys if you want to grab the Risk of Rain prerelease.


And if you want to help the Risk of Rain guys out (and my extension, us!) here is their greenlight page: