10th May Progress

Hi again,

Today we’re continuing to finish off this weeks work.

Shields functionality is now finished and bug free. Bartwe stomped a bug with collisions that cause some projectiles to pass through the shield. Blocking now works flawlessy in multiplayer.

We’ve added even more new attacks to NPCs, acid spitting, water spraying, bubble…beaming?

Functionally the crafting window has been done for a long time, now we’re starting to add a ton of info on the item you’re crafting, as well as a system to allow you to search through all your available blueprints. We need a nice search box given the sheer number of items in the game.

Our wonderful artists are beginning to work on ocean environments, coral reefs, plantlife etc. Ocean diving is about to get a lot more interesting.


We’re also adding a bunch more interesting costumes. I’m also pushing to get a ton of regular clothing in the game for people who just want to mirror themselves in the game.


Kyren is working on a deep world storage change that will do some great technical things, then moving onto more combat related code.

We’ve also been improving the UI, we now have a message system that allows any item or UI element to pop up messages on the screen that slide nicely in and out, similarly to the food meter. A food command was added to check your current hunger level.



Also, someone broke the sword icons!! *rage* (psst, I think it was Bartwe)