Stretch Goal 1 – The Novakids

Introducing the Novakids



Forged aeons ago in the fusion furnaces of a now-dead star, the Novakids are a perfect example of nature’s emergent beauty. These creatures, described by a human astronomer as “interstellar gas-bag people”, have no known single origin point: that information is long lost, as the Novakids have little to no desire to record their history, or even pass it on to their offspring. Though they are (generally) more intelligent and intuitive than the “fleshy” races, their attention spans are lacking – this does not make them any less effective in combat, but has the effect of restricting their technology research (and any groundbreaking research is forgotten within a few generations).


The force that drives the Novakids is contained within the brand on their faces. Charged with huge amounts of energy, these pieces of metal generate the hard plasma “shells” which stop their constituent gases from leaking – if a Novakid is depleted of his or her vital gases, the energy contained within their brand is instantly vented into the very fabric of spacetime, leaving only a twisted metal symbol and a nearly undetectable warping of light around the area of death.


Since the Novakids have a short memory (and attention span), diplomatic relations can be strained at times; because of their completely different composition to other lifeforms, Novakids are sometimes unable to grasp the nuances of interracial social interactions, and have thus attained a slightly dubious reputation amongst other races. In particular, an Avian diplomat reportedly described a Novakid he met as “dense”, and elaborated upon his statement by mentioning that the Novakid in question had cheerily asked him if his god, Kluex, was real.


If we manage to hit $500,000 in pre-orders, this race will be added to the base game and will be playable upon release. They will also be fully integrated into the lore!

We’ll be using the extra money to pay for an additional artist to create their assets, so their creation won’t delay development at all.


A special thanks to all the wonderful community members involved in the creation of the Novakids!


263 thoughts on “Stretch Goal 1 – The Novakids

  1. Sorat says:

    Seriously? Its True?

  2. Ymedron na says:


  3. Belzac says:

    Now this is getting really interesting :D I guess you don’t know what to do with money already :D Let’s aim for 500k guys!

  4. i’m confused a little. it says not as DLC, but i didnt think starbound would actually have DLC?

  5. AstroBlast says:

    Wow, congrats Bietol!

  6. Justice DLC says:

    DLC? R U kidding? U haven’t even released game, but you already trying to sell DLC. Pathetic.

    • Tidium says:

      look again. they said /not/ as dlc, but as a playable race as soon as the game is released.

      • Justice DLC says:

        They said “IF”. Look again.

        • DarkSkeleti says:

          They only ad them IF the make the money

          • Tidium says:

            yeah. and, they mean that they aren’t going to add it into the game if we don’t reach $500k.

            If we manage to hit $500,000 in pre-orders, this race will be added to the base game (NOT as a DLC), and will be playable upon release. They will also be fully integrated into the lore!

        • Leokins says:

          You’re the biggest idiot on here, assuming such idiotic things and calling people ‘pathetic’ yet you lack the reading skills to correctly determine facts.

          You think the game won’t sell at least $500,000 worth of pre-orders? You’re the pathetic one for not noticing that in less than 24 hours, they’ve already sold more than $250,000 worth.

          Don’t quit your day job. You lack any sort of intelligence to judge anyone.

          • Justice DLC says:

            That’s over, kiddo. No more sales. This game don’t worth 15$. I doubt there will be sold any more of it.
            Just look, i bought bundle of Sid Mier’s Civilization, from 3rd to 5th, for the same 15$, on steam btw. Since when indie games becomes so expensive?
            IMO the game right now don’t even worth 5$.

          • You speak like a retard. Your opinion has no bearing on facts. Go kill yourself, please.

          • Dane Curbow says:

            Wow then you have never played Terraria. That game was worth $15 and this game is going to be well worth $15, even more probably. But we get it for $15. Since when is $15 to much for an indie game. Just because some older PC games are now on sale along with some newer ones doesn’t devalue or make this one expensive.

          • Justice DLC says:

            I bough Terraria just upon release in steam for 10$. And it worth it. I looked at all screenshots and videos about SB, and IMO it don’t even worth for 5$.

          • stonerhut says:

            If u don’t like the price, don’t buy it and shut up.

          • Leokins says:

            You don’t think this game is worth even $5? Then don’t pay for it. Bye bye kiddo. :3

          • This poster don’t even worth ham sandwich$.

          • TelgarDrakore says:

            Your a fucking idiot because it is stated perfectly readable that THIS RACE LITTERALLY DOES NOT EXIST. The community created it, and ONLY if they hit 500k will they actually hire an artist to make the race exist. Its not DLC, its just a concept.

          • xJTx says:

            this isn’t an indie game idiot chuckle fish is making it

          • Doverkeen says:

            you dont even worth life why you spek like retart??? oh yeah cos u dont even worth skool ama rite???//??

            P.S i love the way you tried to use proper grammar for like, what, a line? honestly enroll for middle… on second thought enroll for fucking kindergarten.

          • Kwin says:

            ‘the game right now don’t even worth 5$’

          • James Booher says:

            Well, tens of thousands of people seem to think otherwise. I would review the pattern of thought that led you to this conclusion before initiating further discussion.

    • Kwin says:

      “Pathetic” says the person whose life skills include complaining about a game that hasn’t even come out yet. Go back to your middle school and learn to type full words before calling people pathetic for offering their fans something more.

    • Xnez says:

      please, actually read something before you post something stupid. what you said is pretty much like, ‘hey everyone! hepatitis has been cured!’ :you:- ‘WHAT? YOUR SPREADING AIDS? PATHETIC.

    • to clarify things, the part about it being DLC is removed. they just wanted people to know that it wouldnt be somethign you had to download later, not that they were doing it as paid dlc or anything.

    • Idiomic says:

      Even a Novakid would comprehend more information and retain it better than you just did.
      And you’re a Human!

  7. Belzac says:

    DLC doesn’t mean we are gonna actually pay for it… There many dlc’s for free. And as I recall correctly, Starbound devs already said that they don’t plan paid dlc. Everything is cool then :D

    • Justice DLC says:

      Try “DLC quest”. Game indeed shows how DLC in games going.

    • Ixelli says:

      I’m glad they don’t plan for DLCs. If they make a single DLC I instantly un-buy the game! And it would be a waste because this game seems more and more awesome. DLC is killing everything

      • Leokins says:

        .. The DLC for Starbound will be free. You’re going to “un-buy” the game because of free DLCs? Yeah, that makes sense. Teenage logic.

        • TelgarDrakore says:

          Teenage logic is that DLC is killing everything. Thats stupid, DLC is perfectly fine and very much appreciated, as long as its done well.

          • Leokins says:

            Exactly. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it.

          • CookieKing says:

            If you make a game, polish the hell out of it and sell it when you think you’ve implemented all you know you can think off, then half a year later they find out they want to add something that cost ALOT of money to implement, a DLC is perfectly fine to ask for, almost like an expansion.

          • GenaroGX says:

            The problem isnt the DLC, the problem is how its done, and how they rip off a part of the game and sell it apart to make some extra bucks, i would be ok with paid DLC for this game if its done right.

          • telgardrakore says:

            You really dont know what your talking about. The only company to do this was Bioware with Mass Effect 3 and now your going on about how everyone does it. Just because they made a huge president does not mean all DLC is evil. Most DLC is not in fact part of the game ripped off for a few extra bucks.

          • Goobly says:

            YOU have no idea what you’re talking about. Do you really think ME3 is the only game with dlc made for quick money?

          • Dest says:

            *holds up hand* Nononononono. No.

            The last time I checked, I was a teenager. I think. And I love DLC. As long as it actually ADDS something to the game. “Pay five bucks for this new costume for this NPC! :D” is bad. “Pay five-to-fifteen dollars for a more than a few hours worth of quests and a new location to explore!” is acceptable.

          • Lightmagician says:

            a game that did DLC wrong was Dungeon Defenders… “1$ for the squire class too actually wears pants instead of boxers”… really? that should had been in the game to start with.. and 4$ and for 1 map is kinda overpriced.. why? i payed 15$ for the game itself and got 12 maps so are you trying to tell me a map is worth 4$? wouldn’t that place the game it self at.. 48$? which btw i wouldn’t have got the game at that price.. as for the extra classes the first 4 “new” class where as far as i care are Skins.. they have the same towers.. the main draw of a class so too me their the same. as for the new classes that where actually new classes their 4$ each as well.. which btw is now trying to say the game itself is 64$ in worth.. so either their is trying to say.. the game itself was a deal or the DLC is over priced.. and i’d say 15$ for the main game which is short.. is normal price to be fair… there is an example of bad DLC

      • ssj782 says:

        Do you seriously want a game that never changes past the original content? Personally, I want a game that changes daily… I have a short attention sp… Nova Kid sounds fun, doesn’t it?

    • to clarify things, the part about it being DLC is removed. they just wanted people to know that it wouldnt be somethign you had to download later, not that they were doing paid dlc or anything.

  8. Daxalog says:

    You are nova kid. ENERGY BORN!

  9. Seelcudoom says:

    i really hope theres some gurren lagann references(they look kinda like super tengai toppa gurren lagann) and cowboy bebop(space cowboy) references for these guys

  10. gp2exe says:

    Wow, this is really uber awesome,and at the rate pre-orders are going I wouldn’t be surprised if we reach that in less than a week, wonder what other stretch goals they have planned. :D

  11. TasmanDevil says:

    HEH :D AND AFTER $100 000 you release STARBOUND 2 :D

  12. V for Vendetta says:

    “(Not as a DLC!)” Does that mean there’s going to be actual dlc that we will need to buy?

  13. Catlin Ashenfelter says:

    I just want dragons in the game.

  14. Zeon says:

    I think this is a brilliant way of getting the community to spread the word and give additional donations. I hope this pre-order excels you expectations, i wish you guys all the luck in the world

  15. kristen says:

    Im still scared of paid DLC D:

  16. Blowfin says:

    This artwork is amazing. Can we, please, have a higher resolution?

  17. russiangay says:

    Лойс! Россия одобряет.

  18. Benjabby says:

    Holy mother of jebus, that is the most awesome character design ever. I might have to rethink being avian if this goal is reached

  19. JohnSu says:


  20. Fitz says:

    When you pre-order do you even get an email?

  21. nobleneon says:

    I cannot EXPLAIN how much I need this. Man alive, do they sound cool. It almost makes me wants to pre-order twice.

  22. Half-Pie says:

    Slylandro :P

  23. dickbutt says:

    Lore sounds dumb as fuck. Also. $500K? You faggots are a bunch of money-grubbing Jews.

    >implying i won’t be pirating this

  24. Pax Mundus says:

    I’ll be more surprised if you *don’t* hit 500k in pre-orders.

  25. Illmad says:

    If I had known about this before, I’d have bought the gold tier instead.

  26. squagnar says:

    It just gets better and better… :D

  27. Sackon says:

    Sounds like a good design, but you seriously want to reach a 500,000 goal just to add another class? For 500,000 you could do a hell of a lot more, and make it better. Seems like a money grab of a goal, but I’m expecting goo things from this game.

    • Leokins says:

      It’s just a bonus. It’s an inevitable goal. It’s like working from 9 to 5. You’ll make it to the end no matter what. (Let’s just forget work accidents or being sick and leaving early).

    • TelgarDrakore says:

      It seems like that because you dont understand anything about game creation. It takes money to hire an artist, a LOT of money. They are not asking for 500k for jut one class, they are saying if they reach 500k then SOME OF THAT MONEY can go to hiring a new artist. Basically, their saying 300k or 400k is enough to continue funding the project but not hire on more employees.

    • some retarded asshat says:

      class? its a fucking race. Plus, anyone who has enough sense knows that people dont spend half a million dollars on one fucking artist

  28. Jinouga says:

    on another note, i think the novakids need a more subtle and or.. i don’t know how to say this, the only word that comes to mind is… i don’t want to say more thought out but just the words nova and kid mixed together without separation just makes it sound awkward to me .. :S some sort of cereal or children’s product / cartoon just comes to mind any time i think of it.

  29. scrivo says:

    a short memory, short attention span and hard to talk to sounds just like me I guess I know what to play as :D

    I love how each races has its own era of style so tribal, medieval, samurai and know western cowboys. is it me or do they kind of remind you of anime with there classic hero haircuts (or whatever you call a cloud persons hair)

  30. FedoraMan says:

    I have a question: Will the race be included some time after release if the stretch goal isn’t reached? Reading this instantly made the Novakids my favorite race and it’d be a shame if I never got to play as them ever. Really looking forward to the game regardless. Congrats on getting 3/5ths of the way to this stretch goal already!

    • TelgarDrakore says:

      Probably not, from what it sounds like this was a community creation and it does not exist, therefore without the stretch goal it will never be made.

  31. Magicman says:

    I was thinking to be a glitch but might take this coz it looks really bad ass

  32. scrivo says:

    actual if this was idea was released then could we possible see more funding rewards like other races or even more items?

    • TelgarDrakore says:

      It probably depends on A: Community interaction, remember this is a community creation so their pulling these reward ideas from our own requests. And B: how much they make. If they surpass 500k really quickly then I would imagine they would funnel in more funding rewards to keep up with the pre orders.

  33. ResidentJaggi says:

    personally i am indifferent to the novakids joining the game, firstly because there is a nice round 6 chooseable races already, i literally cannot ask for any more in that department, almost to the point where adding a seventh i think would just be over whelming in the , ‘ohmygod so much to choose from’ department, not that im saying i wouldn’t appreciate a new race. secondly is, i know they said that they’re addition will not stall the release process and im not even really bothered about that, its more the fact that the devs have strived this much to produce a complete 100% full game, and it would be a shame to me if they were forced to add a race without having the proper time to finish it and give it the same TLC as the other races have received over the course of creation. and yeah, that’s pretty much it, and also the fact that i am seriously hoping they do reach the 500k goal, my pessimistic side of me is saying that all the people that were rearing to preorder would have preordered by the time the pre order funds reach around 400k, but of course the money could keep gushing as well as it has been and my doubtful side can go sit down and shut up in a corner. :)

    • not sure if you missed this part or not, but if they do hit this goal (they likely will in the next 2 days at most), they will be using the extra funds to hire a new artist to develop the assets for this new race. they’ll have an entirely new team member working on this part alone. So, this race will get as much TLC as any other race.

    • Yousef Geneidy says:

      When they make a PopTop race, your doubtful side can go ahead and rage.

  34. Kwin says:

    How is a post regarding content-based incentive instantly a catalyst for uninformed commentary on the nature of DLC? If they were going to shaft people the game would be “free” with “pay for what you want” features.

  35. Hopefull says:

    So. AWESOME.

  36. kor.PJH says:

    Came from South Korea

    I’ve been waiting for a star bound ….

  37. Tidium says:

    The DLC reference is gone everyone, it won’t be DLC :v

  38. DoorLord says:

    Have you ever eaten a cat on caterday?

  39. Ben Sylvia says:

    Oooh… I think I like this race.

  40. Edwardius says:

    Energy beings with adhd that are cowboys?

    Shut up and take my money.

  41. Fever says:

    I want this

  42. Excavater9 says:

    What happen if the stretch goal isn’t reached? Why isn’t this clarified?

    • Jensen says:

      Good point… If the goal isn’t reached, does that mean we have to wait for them to be released later on or will they just not get implemented at all?

    • thatonerandomguyyou'venevermet says:

      then it isn’t put in. they may choose to put it in post-release, but this is unlikely. Don’t worry about it, though, it’s almost guaranteed that it will be met

    • reddire says:

      Who cares?
      The goal is going to be reached. Just look at the amount we have already.
      And that’s with only 15 thousand people.
      Later on, when the pre-order news gets big, a whole ton of people will DDoS bomb that site.

    • Ymedron na says:

      I think the timelimit for the stretch goal is going to be several months, so that’s not such a big worry.

  43. Soulreach says:

    I’d rather they spend the money we’re throwing at them on developing the core of the game instead of new additions. We’re looking for an early release of the game, not additions to prolong development.

    • reddire says:

      No, you’re looking for an early release.
      Meanwhile, everyone else actually wants a good, lasting, immersive game.

      And you really need to get rid of the retard in your system. Go read the update again, moron.
      What part of

      “We’ll be using the extra money to pay for an additional artist to create their assets, so their creation won’t delay development at all.”

      didn’t you get exactly?

      • Soulreach says:

        At this point, who doesn’t want an earlier release? Who doesn’t want a ‘good, lasting, immersive’ game?

        You don’t think, even with an artist making sprites for the game, that the main team would have to do troubleshooting to make sure they work flawlessly with the game as well? And guess what? That takes time. You don’t think the ‘core’ of the game would include what they’ve already planned so far? Just because they put in that statement doesn’t mean it won’t prolong development. Learn to think from a gaming development perspective.

        Before getting abrasive about someone’s opinion, maybe you should tune down your blind fanboyism a bit, ’cause you sound like a defensive chump.

        • telgardrakore says:

          Well i remember Terraria and honestly no, I do not want an early release. Terraria’s release was a shambles because of people like you crying for earlier and earlier release. We want a well polished release so that this game is great at the start.

          In terms of the development time, you are wrong in thinking that a race would cause bugs. A race is not something that would cause any issues with the core of the game and should cause little to no bugs. They are hiring an artist to do all of the art assets which is in reality the only part of making a new race that would slow development. MAYBE they might push the release date back by 2-5 days if bugs arise but honestly, if your bitching about that small a delay for added content then your stupid.

          The only thing i am worried about is the fact that the new race has to have buildings, villages, lore, etc. All of those things take time, but I would imagine the 100-200k wouldnt JUST hire a new artist, but maybe also pay for the lore, pay for the extra attention required by a dev to get the villages fleshed out, etc. You seem to not realize that these guys are not just programing a game, they are also working other jobs to feed their families and pay for their bills. Any extra cent means more focus from the devs and less focus in non-starbound matters like other jobs.

          All in all I want as many new features as they can add and I do not mind if its delayed a little bit because of that, as long as its not delayed to 2014. Im of Blizzard’s way of doing things: you program your game until its done, damned be any idiots complaining they want it sooner.

          • Yousef Geneidy says:

            Joy. Paragraphs and paragraphs of shit that nobody’s gonna want to read. How about this?

            “A delayed game is great eventually, a rushed game is bad forever.”

            There. Was that so hard? Jeez.

    • Hopefull says:

      First off, we are not throwing money at them, we are buying their game, and they will be hiring extra staff with extra money just to make Novakid, so no delay.

  44. Marie Kanker says:

    Figures I see this right after I listen to Lonestar’s killingpsree music from awesomenauts. Awesomenauts – Lonestar Killing Spree [Looped]

    • Yousef Geneidy says:

      I was expectin’ Vinnie and Spike…but whatever.

      “I’m rollin’ inta’ starbound, see, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.”

      Of course it won’t Vinnie. Of course it won’t.

  45. Toakongu834 says:

    Gratz to Bietol on getting his race chosen first. .w.

  46. XxDooMxX says:

    I hope we reach the goal!

  47. Cooper Leabo says:

    O.o Fusion space wild west for the win!

  48. PixieBabe says:

    Well i know novakid is a cool idea and stuff and that it WILL come on the game cuz of so many people that preorder the game :D
    But people who doesnt like it tell me WHY you dont like the idea or the name :/

  49. stonerhut says:

    This game is awesome and it will reach 1kk, nuff said.

  50. Xaius says:

    i want to design my face!

  51. Exxion says:

    $420,000 and climbing. I have a feeling we’re getting the Novakids.

  52. Darkened Streets says:

    If I pre-Order Star bound, does the steam key act a a seperate copy? So could I send the download link to my friend and use the steam key? Or is the Download link for the beta or what?

    • mechagreen says:

      its run through the humble bundle, they email you a link to a product page on the humble bundle, you then make one of their free accounts and claim the page (so nobody can steal your code) then once the game/beta is done they will update the page they sent you with a steam key

  53. druid says:


  54. wsensor says:

    How long is the preorder going to last?
    I don’t get payed til the end of the week so this sorta worries me.

  55. Shibble Dibble says:

    I can only imagine how messed up looking the light on a battlefield would look after a novakid war.

  56. Insaniac says:

    Waiiiiiiiit a sec…. Stretch Goal ONE… I wonder what the next Stretch Goal will be :O

  57. Nemo Stein says:

    We are ALMOST there… Just 50k away!

  58. Just a random guy says:

    Can you rename them to “Novakin”? I can’t help but think of a cartoon when I hear “Novakids”. Sounds like some group of teenager super heroes.

    • derp says:

      I think kid fits well with the western vibe. Like billy the kid and so on.

    • Atmos_Duality says:

      I’m guessing they did that because Novakin is just one letter away from Dovakin.
      And we really don’t need any more Skyrim references (or unwanted legal attention from Bethesda).

  59. ssj782 says:

    So many people complaining about DLC. Isn’t ANY patch or download the game makes after install technically DLC if it adds anything at all? They never said you had to pay for any of their patches, so please stop repeating the same fears as the other 10 people just on this page.

  60. Nightly says:

    WE BE ALMOST THERE! Also love the cowboy look of em.

  61. sebtx says:

    I want this game in WII U

  62. The bridge says:

    ONLY 10,000 More to GO

  63. Nol says:

    Congrats on the 500k mark!!! I can’t wait to see this race in action!

  64. James Booher says:

    *Initial response*: “Steampunk plasma race, um cool, I guess.” *3 hours later*: “Steampunk plasma race, HELL YEAH!!!”

  65. Edwardius says:

    Mine’s going to be pink flavored.

  66. mechagreen says:

    once the models for the novakids are done will they be added to the character creator that is allready out or will it be a nice surprise for when we get the game?

  67. 127 says:

    Here’s my question to this, is the first goal of 500,000 only being a new race? Does that only entitle the idea of “a couple of sprites changed that could take 20 minutes in ms paint from a good spriter” or does it take a race, and then the whole planet with animals based around the nova-kind and the like?

    Because if it’s just the 10-30 minutes worth of spriting in ms paint to make a couple of different sprites, that’s kind of sad for your first goal that took up to 500,000 to get.

    Call me entitled, but that would be pathetic for your first goal, which is 500,000.

    Sure, you wouldn’t have to add anything, which I understand. But that’s basically nothing.

    I want you to seriously think how “hard” it would be to make that. It’s definitely not worth 500,000

    • Exxion says:

      First, the $500,000 is not going purely to the creation of this race. Second, each race has its own special armor, which grants certain abilities. That has to be programmed. It also says that they will be fully incorporated into the lore. The Novakids are just as big a part of the game as any of the other races.

      • Atmos_Duality says:

        Agreed. The primary goal of the Pre-Orders was not to create the Novakids race or any other new content, but to enable the team to maintain full time development.
        I’m pretty sure the stretch goals are all extras, and that the primary goal for funding has been met.

      • 127 says:

        Your first is obvious, but I understand why you put that as a point. I mean I understand what you’re getting at with the races and abilities, and that’s really nice and all, but from my perspective they’re pulling this like a kick-starter event. Right? Well, your comment is true for most Kick-starters. In fact, this game company made a game before it that sold, at least, one-million copies. So, unlike other kickstarters, they got funding to begin with. Then you have to put into play the idea that kickstarters that don’t have funding, or even the ones that do (See Homestuck and Skullgirls for example of those) are a bit more generous with their kickstarters, having something happen more frequently then just… well this. I mean, sure this is all to help development, but these ‘HEY THIS COMES IF YOU DONATE THIS MUCH” Is like trying to dangle a smelling salt in our faces. I’m just saying, with your first goal being that high (which is half a million as is) you would think that they could have done just a tad more. I mean, even if the fossils were the 500k mark, and the novakids were the 250k mark, it wouldn’t look as bad, but you can’t disagree that “recoloring some armor” and “adding mechanics/changing a few numbers” doesn’t add up to much effort to begin with.

        I understand what this was made for. It was to fund the game, not the novakids, but when you look at all the other kickstarters… This first goal, for as high of a number as it is, kind of lacks that punch I would have expected. That’s all.

        • 127 says:

          Actually, scratch that about this game having funding to begin with. I forgot for a second that it’s just the spriter of Terraria worthing for this game, it’s not the whole team.

          But even then so, there are still games out there with 0 funding that make more rewards for less gaps between goals.

  68. Jeongwoo Seo says:

    NOVA! wait
    (sigh) my keyboard

  69. These “Novakids” kind of remind me of people with asspergers.

  70. MagusDood says:

    I pray that one of the metal objects you can pick are Kamina/Squirtle Glasses.
    It will become my race of choice so fast…

  71. Matt says:

    I want to see these in the character creator things see all the different symbols and colors you can be

  72. Soron says:

    I want a black colors!!! :D

  73. TheKeyLimit says:

    Gonna definitely play as a Novakid.

  74. Angus Partridge says:

    Oh… My… GOD!!

  75. Liam Smeester says:

    They’re here now! Add them to character creator.

  76. Zach S. says:

    Awesome! Now add the Glunaughts and I will love you forever.

  77. Gulliver says:

    So it’s a race of autistic plasma people?
    I’ll stick with Avians, at least I can pretend i’m not a faggot if I play it

  78. wazabu says:

    i’d like kittens in steampunk armors BETTER (the parfelians)

  79. Xaenen says:

    Will the NovaKid’s be up for character Creation any time soon? I wanna make one D:

  80. Ryeti says:

    Carnivorous plant people, genius ape descendants, medieval robots, and now western star-people?
    To bad my monitor is broken from throwing all my money at this game.

  81. Nemzis says:

    Oh yeah des nouvelle races!

  82. AW SNAP!!!!! says:


  83. :D says:


  84. SexyBaconFun says:

    Hmm… I’m not sure about the little metal things in their facial face areas being things like sheriff stars and horseshoes… What, do they have those from birth, pre-defining their DESTINIES!? DESTINY…
    But other then that, I give it six penguins up.

    • FinnTheBird says:

      Cutie marks! lol

    • Mr.Notyou says:

      Well I don’t think that at the time Starbound takes place, the symbols probably don’t have any cultural significance. A star symbol on a Novakid might mean as much as a birth mark in the shape of abraham lincon to us. However to us it might be more fitting to give a Star one to a sheriff, among them it probably means nothing.

  85. The Dizzie says:

    Consider these Content Gifts from the Devs for helping them reach their monetary goals.

  86. BlueCandle says:


  87. Grubb says:

    You have no idea how happy this race makes me…
    Space Cowboys made out of Stars, gunslingin’ in the clouds =)

  88. Impulse says:

    Add to character creator!

  89. Yodeman says:

    AWESOME! will this race be added to the character creator in the forums?

  90. Fishbowl says:

    Thank you, John Su, thank you, for creating just a bit more fun in a game that hasn’t even been released yet.

  91. Dirkdragonslayer says:

    sounds like my personality, Smart, Intuitive, Clever, but yet they don’t give a damn for writing it down. I’m choosing these guys!

  92. Well. I know what race i’m picking

  93. Jacob says:

    Fuck me, the community for this game seems appalling! It’s all “U FAG” this, and “RETARD” that. Someone states an opinion and they instantly get slated for it. That’s the sort of shit I would expect from something like Battlefield or CoD… I’m going to have to share a god damn UNIVERSE with some of you? I just hope there’s an offline mode.

    On topic; Looks pretty neat. Bit odd, I don’t fully understand how they work (although I suspect it’s one of those things you just have to go along with for a little while) and likelihood is that I won’t play as them to begin with. I do however like the sound of being a wondering space cowboy made of light…

    • Mog says:

      Keep in mind this isn’t an MMO. In other words, unless you connect to a server, you won’t be sharing the universe with anyone. (Except for NPC’s of course)

  94. duxunited says:

    Let’s see: we have savage plants, tribal birds, genius apes, medieval robots, Japanese fish and now cowboy energy beings. What time period will they toy with next? Perhaps pirates? Or maybe even spartans or romans? Whatever the case, I am excited!

  95. Rito says:

    i wanna play now :c but i dont have money its no fare :c

  96. Anon says:

    See you space cowboy..

  97. Ronix 157 says:


  98. lloyd_5 says:

    it seems to me that these guys are steampunk energy based humanoids… a.w.s.o.m.e

  99. Sergey says:

    need for steam

  100. Orkuspay says:


  101. guy says:


  102. HEHE says:

    I wanna be artist

    Hire me I am good at art (i know some people are better =P)

  103. Star says:

    When will this make it to the Customizer! D:

  104. Toasty Wolf says:

    Love the Western theme! I’ve always kinda liked old Westerns, so I loved Red Dead, but Space Cowboys? Oh snap, this shiz just got real.

  105. Mr_supermon says:

    are they gonna be playable

  106. poot says:

    why would i want to play as a cloud of gas with a metal piece on its face?

  107. XYZ says:

    What happens if I pierce a novakid? :D

  108. Amber says:

    Looks interesting, I would play as this character

  109. SkeletonGamer says:

    wait dont star turn into a black hole dun dun dahhhhhhhhhhhh

  110. The_n00b_Daniel says:

    This is definitely my second favorite race, right after the Glitch.

  111. SkeletonGamer123 says:

    How does there ship look like

  112. Kai Benson says:

    They’re bright, but all the intelligence just comes back out again.
    (Get what I did there? They’re ‘bright’! GEDDIT?)

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