Listen to part of the Starbound soundtrack, songs composed by Curtis Schweitzer.




Horsehead Nebula:

Horsehead Nebula



Epsilon Indi:

Epsilon Indi









On The Beach At Night:

On The Beach At Night



Large Magellanic Cloud:

Large Magellanic Cloud



Hymn to the Stars:




Temple of Kluex:

Temple of Kluex

Blue Straggler:

Blue Straggler



272 thoughts on “Soundtrack

  1. softenik says:

    Is there any chance to download it :D. And can I use it in my videos? (Of course copyright will be in description)

  2. Drysa says:

    Классные мелодии! скачать бы!

  3. TeslaMen says:

    Игру бы уже.

  4. Askalagen says:

    Тупые русские, сайт английский – пишите на английском.

  5. Nick Spacek says:

    Gives me a Halo-like vibe, but definitely cool space music. :)

  6. Daniël says:

    This is really awesome. i could really see myself enjoying this, whilst playing the game.

  7. So, seeing as how there are songs with what I can assume are either solar system/galaxy/planet names, how many different songs should we expect in the finished game?

  8. Zeska says:

    great soundtracks. i think that for an amazing game, having a beatiful and memorable soundtrack is very essential. very well done!

  9. William says:

    I need this game already!!!

  10. CreatorFound says:


  11. CreatorFound says:


  12. ReverseShadow says:

    Really amazing soundtrack! Looking forward to this game soooo much!

  13. Jeff says:

    Needs some more exciting, jolly tunes like in Terraria. Deep and peaceful is nice, but a happier vibe is also needed!

    • flamedance58 says:

      Why? This isn’t Terraria. It has no reason to be anything like it honestly.

    • Seth Rah says:

      agreed, something more jolly and upbeat :)

    • I cannot say I completely agree with the entire comment, but I do agree they should add a few (but not many) upbeat songs. But please, nothing like the music from Terraria (don’t get me wrong, I love the terraria music but it would not fit this game in the slightest haha) in this game please and thank you haha x3

    • Lunar Shrubbery says:

      I’ve also notices, these are titled as “Exploration”, so I think there are more songs varying to the environment and actions of the player. Also, I do agree, the Terraria soundtrack was great!

    • Dag says:

      I disagree, Deep and peaceful music is exactly what i want when im exploring the universe.

      • You won’t be exploring the universe all the time I guess, maybe you could have some exciting songs when you’re at your base, researching stuff or something.

      • I think a variety is great. especially in battle. but they do have faster, more jumpy tunes prepared for that sort of thing.

        • Yea you guys. Keep in mind that these songs are all under the header “Exploration”. there’ll be intense music for fighting. Me, I love this stuff. just beautiful. Big props to Mr. Schweitzer!

          • Islan Victhor says:

            EN: Ok, but slow music exploration is kind of boring sometimes. Sometimes you’re a little tired, hence plays a very exciting song, and you think, “this is the best game music.” So you “wake up” attempts to mimic the sound of music, and is very happy and exploitation becomes more interesting, especially if is an excavation, which is pretty boring.

            PT-BR: Ok, mas música lenta em exploração é meio chato, às vezes. Às vezes, você está um pouco cansado, daí toca uma música muito emocionante, e você pensa, “esta é a melhor música do jogo.” Então, você “acorda” tenta imitar o som da música, e está muito feliz e a exploração torna-se mais interessante, especialmente se for uma escavação, o que é muito chato.

          • hellke maravilha says:

            br? I report U gibe moni plos

            concordo contigo véi, but

            anyways, a deep, peaceful tune may give the game that ‘soul’ of exploration. remember the tunes and themes of, say, star trek. the music was aways deep, and even the ‘action’ tunes were somewhat stylized to remember the basic ‘exploration’ songs. I kinda remember this technique on super mario world, where the chords were aways the same, the difference being the way the song was played

      • Yousef Geneidy says:

        What about boss fights? Ya need somethin’ to raise the adrenaline pal.

        Also, the cave exploration should also include something other than this. Terraria nailed the cave music. IT’S IN MY BRAIN…

      • EgyptSynapse says:

        I think we should have the option for both. More music, the better!

    • xJTx says:

      keep in mind that these are for exploration and this game will be more serious especially because it has a storyline so the music should fit the part

    • Isaac Ogrins says:

      I concur

      • Stephen Finlay says:

        lol theres you agreeing with jeff and then we (other people) look for who you’re concurring with (i don’t know if that’s the correct term) and we have to scroll all the way up to the top

    • ReverseShadow says:

      Its called “Go to Curtis Schweitzer’s Soundcloud”. This should solve should solve all of your happy-music needs.

    • SpaceySalad says:

      Terraria is fancy itself,Starbound is like more serious,im sorry,i have to disagree,Deep,peacefull and intensive music adds immersion instead of fancy ones,Atmosphere is the face of the game,and it needs to be,Deep and peacefull

    • You says:

      I find it really good i don’t really think anything should be changed.

    • Paul says:

      Inviolate is a bit of ‘exiting tune’, isn’t it?

    • Chugga says:

      I agree. There is a lot of deep and peaceful tunes. Needs more excitement!

    • Samuel the One Eyed/One Horned says:

      All of this comment and its replies act like this is all and final product… Who know?! Maybe there’s more tunes and sounds that we haven’t been introduced to?

    • Shot846 says:


    • Enghiskhan says:

      I’d like a nice mix between the two.

    • Elodin says:

      The soundtrack is perfect, IMO.

    • Nazo says:

      I don’t know… I have to say that Terraria’s music never really sat right with me. Some of it kind of gets annoying after a bit even. I’ve actually been replacing the music in Terraria with custom tracks for quite some time on my computer (google Terraria custom wave bank.) Something more atmospheric and softer like much of this would actually work better over longer periods of time IMO. It also can provide a bit more of an atmosphere of awe. Also, to my ears at least, most of it actually sounds pretty happy overall, just not giddy is all.

      Well, something more energetic would be best for boss fights, but for most of the rest of the game I think they are very much on the right track. Who knows, maybe they’ll make it easier to do custom music in the game this time around while they’re at it even, so I wouldn’t fret over it too much.

      • Stephen Finlay says:

        i totally agree with your opinion on terraria music. the music itself was alright, but over a long period of time i hated it

    • Gabriel says:

      I listened to mira and that was jolly enough for me. I also liked the others that l listened to, nice change of pace.

    • Russell Masterson says:

      This is exploration music, not battle music (which is in the official soundtrack).

    • zxin says:

      Hey, That’s A Good Idea!

  14. Glitch theme is awesome. Keep it up, Starbound team.

  15. JAGYOUARE says:

    In my opinion this is one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard.

  16. Artem says:

    Can’t really say that’s they are totally awesome, but I think they will fit the game at 100%, they’re so atmospheric ♥

  17. Idiomic says:

    I listened to Horsehead Nebula, and I got to thinking: what if somebody made a mod for Starbound, post-release, that featured text-to-speech based on race, gender, personal variables and tone of voice?

    Just imagine: you make a heroic statement from orbit, you listen to your friends cheer over the intercom, and in unison your 5-man/robot/alien squad beams down to the snowy planet below. This may be your 1,273rd planet and you may have the most experience of the squad, but the galaxy’s still fresh with unique finds and fantastic discoveries.

  18. SpaceySalad says:

    Holy mother of god,those pieces are really gorgeously made! Music as it adds atmosphere needs to be intensive,and this is completely what it needs!

  19. Hator says:

    Inviolate is one i like the most. Just moar, plz!

  20. Pyro3345 says:

    This game is going to put me to sleep with all these relaxing sounds.

  21. Xnez says:

    the glitch theme tune was beautiful it really represented the mysterys of the glitch race in a beautiful way
    :) i hope there are more songs for all the races that tell thier story in a wonderful song

  22. Xaius says:

    want less relaxing? play inviolate

  23. Draconano says:

    I am loving this, but I feel like its an incomplete track. It needs some more… Bang songs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the calming/relaxing feel. It needs some songs to spice the game up. I for one do not think this is the whole track. So, I’m hoping for some hardcore electro-step while fighting a giant rcyborg snowman boss in a top hat.

  24. sutasafaia says:

    Hymn to the Stars makes me think of Masters of Orion 2. Even if I wasn’t looking forward to this game before (And I am, believe me) that song alone would have had me hyped for the game. I miss music like this so badly in modern games.

  25. This is all so beautiful! Masterful work!

    My favorite has got to be Mira; I get such a Colonization vibe! The concept of old world exploration ideals in space is fascinating to me.

  26. Otavio says:

    People! Keep in mind those are the exploration sounds, that’s probably why they aren’t very upbeat!

  27. The moment this game is released I bet the entire fan base of this game will have the largest nerdgasm in the history of mankind x3

  28. Nate says:

    These are very space-scapey. I would much rather have fitting music than jolly and upbeat.

  29. npeftw says:

    Must resist … the need to … scream … Arghgnh! Release … the …. game ….now … NOW!

  30. Baleur says:

    Inviolate gives me Space Ranger vibes. But maybe it should be tuned to be more in the same volume level as the other tracks. Overall the music sounds amazing. The kids here just needs to calm down and learn to appreciate beauty.

  31. Anon says:

    Where’s some of Radiation Fox’s music?

  32. Andrew says:

    I’d easily buy this soundtrack.

  33. Kizu says:

    i already love the musik… it’s exact my taste, starbound it’s going better and better. ^.^

  34. Gumdrop Meadowz says:

    I am absolutely mystified by these compositions; I aspire to compose like you someday… You’ve just extended my bucket list.

  35. Evandro Freitas Gonçalves Júni says:

    This soundtrack is awesome, including the one of curtis at soundcloud!!! I’m very exited to play Starbound and I hope you guys can release the game soon! My friends and I will buy at the premiere!

  36. Gorvi says:

    What would be so bad with Terraria-ish music? I agree, it would be silly for space travel(-lumpy space). I hope there are many, many planets. To find a Terraria themed planet would be awesome.

  37. Rafal Kubiak says:

    These are absolutely fantastic. I can imagine exploring space with these. I just hope there’s fitting graphics to go with this music. Not saying that what we’ve seen so far isn’t amazing, I mean just look at that background! But a lot of these sound more like they’re just for space, and not planets. And we haven’t really seen any ‘space art’ in the images (galaxies, nebulae, that sort of thing). It’s mostly focused around the planets and moons.

    Also, my favourites are: On The Beach At Night, Large Magellanic Cloud, and Hymn to the Stars.

  38. GarbusPL says:

    It’s very bautiful!b i can’t write what i said about them! this music is funny and realistic in one! compositors must be very good! i can’t stop for starbound! ouchhhh i want starbound nowwww!!!!

  39. This music… It’s so beautiful… I just can’t wait to hear these songs as I explore the universe and everything within it!

  40. AlternateSanity says:

    For a game that’s gonna be slightly more fast pace with weapons and such, but also more mysterious and researched base, this soundtrack fits very well.

  41. Radikal says:

    On the Beach at Night always makes me smile. It just has that magical feel to it!

  42. Waffles2471 says:

    Jolly and upbeat on planets and deep and peaceful in space that’s what I think

  43. nullsilver says:

    epsilon indi reminds me of kindom hearts

  44. Alison Souza says:

    I like too much the Glitch one,is just amazing.

  45. Mako says:

    Very peaceful, I’ve tried many combinations of mixing these songs with Terraria’s soundtrack, but these are just way too awesome to mix with already great music (That or the flow of music is very different, these are relaxing while Terraria gives a much more fighting mood) Can’t wait until we hear of some boss music :)

  46. Kirbyprosn says:

    you know, i was planning on getting stuff done today…but i think ill just sit here and listen to this music over and over….

  47. glasspaper says:

    What is the best one?

  48. Lord Geopheigh Smitherbodkins says:

    Loving the songs, except what happened to the others on the original soundtrack list? I know you have Lava Exploration 1 as Glitch, and Desert exploration as Mira, but what about Arctic Battles 1 2 and 3. Or the Arctic and Ocean Explorations? I’d hate to see those not be in the game. The new songs are nice too though.

  49. Tobias M. says:

    this game will be so awesome

  50. Hugo Bénazech says:

    Merci à vous, j’aime énormément cette playlist. La première que vous aviez proposé sur le site d’hébergement Soundcloud était carrément bien aussi. Vous assurez, merci !

  51. Alex says:

    The Glitch track is great. That and Inviolate are my favorites.

  52. Michael G says:

    So amazing

  53. Too many of these open up almost exactly the same… =/

    A slow string crescendo is all well and good, but I would sincerely hope that there is more up-beat, and/or different sounding music(s) in-game.

    On a musical note, however, it sounds rather lovely.

  54. Sandor says:

    There’s way too much bass in the glitch song, and that scratch sounds quite cheap :/ That’s the random scratch you find in programs like Fruity Loops. I would suggest equalizing the songs a bit more. Good luck :)

  55. Sandor says:

    I can hear that this is made with Fruity Loops. I don’t like the tracks that much :( Everything being random in this game doesn’t mean that the music should be random too :(

    • I’m sorry that you don’t like it! All of these are original compositions, not made in FL, but originally written in a DAW (Logic).

    • There is no way on Earth that you could hear that any of this was done in FL. Also, how the heck is any of it “random”? It’s all very well composed and arranged with nice dynamics that indicate some pretty in-depth track automation.

  56. I’m feeling some Gustav Holst

  57. Carrapato San says:

    Brazil o

  58. Dubz says:

    Glitch is so amazing, but it needs more dubstep noises >=U

  59. Roy says:

    It is perfection, or at least close to it. Sets the mood perfectly for me, which is what music in a game is really all about.

  60. Poli Mauro says:

    “On The Beach At Night”, the best one.

  61. Jason says:

    Heard some Copland in Mira. Word Mr. Schweitzer. Word

  62. Demosthenes says:

    LOVE IT ALL!!! I’ve heard Mira before, I just can’t pinpoint where…

  63. Crazyon says:

    This music is so nice, but we need more piano! :D

  64. batya says:

    I already imagine exploring great and exciting, probably most exciting of all others universe and doing such a colossal and great explorations through the whole galaxy while this music is playing, It’s so… amazing, i think i have never heard such a beautiful and breathtaking soundtrack. That game will be just great, no doubt. Soundtrack doesn’t need any happier and positive vibes, or anything, it’s just perfect as it is; it won’t be like Terraria, it will be something definitely different and deep. Just a perfect work, developers. Keep doing

  65. ratinthehat86 says:

    Just take my money and give me my game please!

  66. C0ne says:

    Glitch is the best!

  67. Machete says:

    these soundtracks make it feel more like Jurassic park ._. they should use (as a recomendation) Red Shield – Savant

  68. Nentendoboy360 says:

    100th comment

  69. Breather/AVeryHappyListener says:

    How’s Blue Straggler for happier!
    It may not be upbeat or jolly, but it is definitely happy.
    Juuuust might be my favorite. I still really love Inviolate. GAAAAAAH THEY’RE ALL SO AMAZING!

  70. Matt McLeish says:

    Y’all do realize this is only exploration music, right? It’s supposed to be nice and peaceful, fitting the atmosphere. I’m sure there are other event, quest, and combat-related songs that are pretty upbeat.

    Also remember that this still isn’t ALL the exploration music, just a little bit. I’m sure Curtis will throw some upbeat stuff in there ;)

  71. Colton says:

    I love all this soundtrack. It provides all the qualities for atmospheric music to be perfect for this game!! :D LOVE IT!!!

  72. NaniRoxy says:

    My favorite is Mira. Its so upbeat!

  73. Wilson Kneiszel says:

    I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure this is the best video game music since Cave Story. Great work, guys. Really excited to play it.

  74. Shadowed999 says:

    Glitch and On The Beach At Night are my favorites. Glitch is something i’d listen to while crafting/building, while the other is more of an actual exploration song. That’s in my opinion, of course.

  75. gamelololo says:

    jizz *___*

  76. Oakatsura says:

    I agree with Dag, for a game like this deep and peaceful music will keep you in tune with the world around you, this kinda of music will keep my spirits up while I attempt to build my world.

  77. Thomas Perry says:

    Mira is my favourite, It has a real nice feel to it and a good build up.

  78. Athywren says:

    Europa…. is so beautiful. <3

  79. Lucian says:

    Some of this work reminds me of that of Christopher Franke… Now I am not a music guy so I can’t speak as to actual similarities or lack thereof on a technical level… but listening to some of these different tunes made me think back to moments in B5 (Sleeping in Light), which I haven’t really thought of in years…

  80. okill100 says:

    This music is outrageous!!! MORE PLZ!!!

  81. Adolfo says:

    I could literally fall asleep to this music, its so soothing and pleasant.

  82. Bob says:

    I really like the music, but I agree with what some people before me said, the songs don’t really all seem unique. I get that they are all exploration songs, but a majority of the songs only use two instruments and similar patterns. Non of the songs are truly rememberable, beside the night at the beach and Mira. I don’t want to be rude, but if the songs were a bit more unique, it would be nice. :3

  83. energyblader99 says:

    ok I am new to hearing about this but since I have played terraria and this is made by the same people (once again if this is wrong I have only heatrd bits and peices) does anyone know when this is coming out or about when we could play it

  84. Smugleaf says:

    cygnus X1 reminds me alot of the halo theme and i LOVE IT

  85. Sean Cosenza says:

    Fantastic songs. I love them, specially Horsehead Nebula.

  86. mmauimorrison says:

    I love large magellenic cloud

  87. Draxula says:

    I can already imagine myself making a little house on the border of an ocean whilst “On The Beach At Night” playing…

  88. Sonic11110 says:

    I have loved all the songs I have heard so far! My favorite overall is “On the Beach at night”, and my favorite most-like-exploration-music” is Tranquility-Base”! Who agrees?

  89. Any idea where I can download this?

  90. AlphaArcticWolf says:

    Damn, this’ll be a step-up game! True it could use a bit….. “lively” tunes, but I hope it’ll bring a game industry revolution or something like that, since all the gaming has become rather based on fancy graphics.
    Hope this proves that game can be even better with its mechanics contrary to overpriced buggy craps needing >gtx600 series video cards to run.

  91. KoedGaming says:


  92. Awesome Burger says:

    Definitely needs some more upbeat music. Like, for bosses or something, I don’t know!

  93. Mako says:

    I think it’d be easy to remix “Temple of Kluex” into something extremely scary… er…

  94. Jean Eudes says:

    This soundtrack is magic…

  95. Chaosje says:

    That Europa song makes me feel like im in some kind of underwater world, Love it :D

  96. Quantuml33p says:

    This just makes me want to play the game even more very well done sir.

  97. I wish there was a download for these songs! I also find it interesting how much the song ‘Mira’ sounds like another song and there is a Monster called the Nyanther. :)

  98. Headphoner says:

    I cannot stop listening to Inviolate. It’s incredible.

  99. Chris says:

    Am I allowed to use the soundtrack for youtube videos if I credit “Starbound soundtrack; composed by Curtis Schweitzer” or something?

  100. Bryce S says:

    Just give us the game! Just kidding take your time to make it the best it can be! Love the music.(Favorite is Mira for sure) Are there any system requirements yet? (PaulSoaresjr brought me! Check him out!)

  101. Linki says:


  102. xJTx says:

    you guys do realize above all the music posted so far it says Exploration: all of those are just for exploration and look at how many of them the game will have just for one area of gameplay

  103. Clancy FREEMANTLE says:

    good job and i love this music i think i should be how it was before energetic and loud with big boss music

  104. Jonathan Chu says:

    Blue Straggler sounds like it could be in Coraline.

  105. genjuroT says:

    Mira sounds heavily like a Lemmings song, I can’t think of which one though; there are too many. I love it though.

  106. genjuroT says:

    If you want music inspiration try my Amiga music compilation …can’t go wrong with [good] classic game music.

  107. Blade says:

    I like the Glitch soundtrack. :D

  108. Angus Partridge says:

    The Glitch Is My Favorate

  109. KoedGaming says:

    The ending of Pendulum : Tempest ( slightly modified though) would be absolutely perfect. /watch?v=mg_Rx6u3Hus skip to 5:20 for the part I am talking about.

  110. J&R says:

    Simply beautiful, these soundtracks remind me of ‘To The Moon’ story-interacting game.

  111. Pyloni says:

    glitch soundtrack is the best soundtrack

  112. Forever says:

    I still like Solatrus better, but nice!

  113. Nol says:

    The beginning of Tranquility-Base sounds like it’s going to be the theme of Starbound. At least in my opinion since it sounds just like a part of another song heard during the lighting demo video.

  114. Markus Meyer says:

    I can’t wait for the release :D The soundtrack is amazing! The gameplay I’ve already watched is awesome! This can only be the best game of the year before release :D

  115. chad says:

    im hoping that inviolate is the theme cause it is awesome

  116. Brandon says:

    This is not the whole soundtrack, Curtis has several more tracks on his soundcloud account, including some that are more “upbeat” and some that are combat music.

  117. Brandon says:

    Now that I preordered the game, is there a way to actually download this, or are we restricted to listening to it here?

  118. Gigafood says:

    Anyone can access this soundtrack the one you got for preordering you download and It has all the songs and will be updated

  119. Nord says:

    BEST SONGS IN HISTORY! For The Win “On A Night Beach”!

  120. Jon says:

    The whole soundtrack is almost a half of a gigabyte big, so far, even. This is just scratching the surface. With more possible music to come. You guys are amazing.

  121. Liara says:

    Horsehead Nebula reminds me of some of the stuff that Bear McCreary did for BSG.

  122. Red says:

    Incredible job, I love Terraria more then I like Minecraft, and now finally a game that tops both in every capable way, Starbound, I await you… = D

  123. Red says:

    And also, more on the music, I come home from work and actually come here and put this music on as I play my games, that’s how good it is lol.

  124. Vhred says:

    Altair-Halo 4 Intro

  125. Vic says:


  126. Lucas Light says:

    Wow, that’s epic music. I hope it will be able to hear the other songs later, too.

  127. Lucas Light says:

    I pre-ordered and the music is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo(x29) awesome :D

  128. Connor says:

    the Glitch Music is AMAZING!

  129. hackmaster521 says:

    I think it would be cool if you could craft a sound box and make your own tunes ingame.

  130. Nightly says:

    That Hymn to the stars. Makes me almost cry.

  131. Mike says:

    All these songs make me want to play some really cool indie space explorer. I guess I’m just gonna sit here and wait for the beta.

  132. Frost says:

    Strangely, I imagine a fast foward of someone’s life when I hear “Epsilon Indi”

  133. Jasper says:

    Does anyone know what the music from the building demo is?

  134. Bubby Le Whale says:

    I like Jeff’s idea, you should have some light, cheerful music here. Something with a slightly repetitive, but fun melody :)

  135. TheSneez says:

    my favorite soundtrack in terraria was deep underground in the corruption on hard mode

  136. José Osorio says:

    The sountracks sound awesome.

  137. Energyblader99 says:

    I really enjoy the tone of the music (especially the Glitch) but i think there should be a few more faster and more generally jolly sounding songs

  138. bannannnaa says:


  139. Daniel says:

    Omg. Altair… Just oh my gosh. Breath taking…

  140. Sarl says:

    Why does everything have to start with a sustained, soft string sound? Ugh, why can’t indie game companies hire decent composers? They get these incredible artists and have such great gameplay ideas, but the soundtracks are always 2nd rate, with maybe a few exceptions.

  141. Mintee says:

    Beautiful tracks, very well done and respectable.

  142. domo200 says:

    how to play these game? plese help!

  143. Fireball of Pain says:

    Can someone please tell me how to play the pre-order game

  144. roryr6 says:

    if all the music is as good as this then i’ll get the game just for the music if nothing else.

  145. doombug24 says:

    i like the music choice in all honestly I think for this game its good , terraria was a completely different game in my opinion and I think the music fits this darker setting , just my opinion

  146. Tim says:

    glitch sounds awesome. so does inviolate.

  147. Thing 1 says:

    I agree, more songs like inviolate (above) would be great…but not too many

  148. metheman says:

    we need music like space in terreria OMAGEAWG BEST THING MY EARS HAVE EVER WITNESSED!!!!!!1!!1!1!!11!

  149. Sir ceil says:

    Just Bought the game and beta. I now have some music to Listen to whilst learning Algebra I.

  150. sporeoo says:

    crystal battle 1 is the best song

  151. sporeoo says:

    the songs are great

  152. qazxcwe says:

    Early starbound dev music :D

  153. brother says:

    i agree so much with jeff that it needs more ,not exciting, but interesting songs, i personally love Terraria and its music is just amazing especially that for example in a cave it would put the certain type of music making u think ur actually in a cave it is brilliant and you can also take a small peek at minecraft and see how after a while a nice music starts going but other than that love it

  154. Logic Bestower says:

    Did inviolate get cut? I can’t find it on the soundtrack.

  155. Sethim says:

    Inviolate is now my favorite song from Starbound.

    • Logic Bestower says:

      I can’t find it on the actual soundtrack after I pre-ordered the game so, I don’t know if it was discarded or not. If it is, bummer. If it isn’t, yay!

  156. Logic Bestower says:

    Inviolate actually reminds me of HL1 somehow.

  157. hadva2 says:

    Songs are good, but are soooooo lonely.

    (Sry for bad English im from Slovenia)

  158. Pinki says:

    I really like Blue Straggler. It has gives me the feeling of potential. It makes me excited to find what waits around the corner.

  159. me says:

    I see, everyone says that it needs more exciting music. but personaly for me i like calm music like in minecraft. i think terraria soundrack was to booring and didnt have so loong soundrack.

  160. just pre-ordered so i won’d need this page any more :D

  161. CoolGuy says:

    ok so i pre ordered it and when i try to download the sound track it just loads for a really long time. do i have to wait for that too?

  162. Noquest says:


  163. Claw_Quake says:

    Is it more or does this song remind of the the transformers Generation 1 movie

  164. Femke says:

    Hey, are these songs copyrighted? or can i use them for my meditation cd’s?

  165. KuroWolfy says:

    i like the peaceful tunes. its a change from hard bass and techno just to press start (:

  166. Duviss says:

    Inviolate is the best!

  167. Guest says:

    I tried to vote for you guys on the Indies Crash E3 thing but i’m not sure if it went through I even tried to confirm it on my email or however it wanted me to but i’m not sure if it worked. Sorry if I didn’t get it through just wanted you guys to know i’m hoping you make it.

  168. PowerShawn5000 says:

    What’s your guy’s fav song? Mine’s On The Beach At Night. :3

  169. Jonathan Euceda says:

    this is pretty awesome

  170. Tintinhaddock says:

    Mira is by far my favorite song, it is so catchy! Now in band I play it on my clarinet!

  171. tim says:

    also we need scary noises like minecraft when you go underground

  172. name yo wat that says:

    wow i wish this was real life [_=)_] lolololololololololololo

  173. Jyles says:

    Im in love with this. WOW, i can’t wait to get deep inside this game and lose myself to this game.

  174. Paul van Hoven says:

    Hi, where can I find the music that is used in the building demo video of starbound ?

    • Knomic says:

      It’s on the Curtis’ (the person making the music) website, second last one. It’s called “Planetarium” and OmnipotentEntity has already said in the forums that it will be released in a soundtrack update.

  175. IXTAB says:

    another reason why Glitch is awesome, just listen to the music, awesome soundtrack guys ^^

  176. sulaco says:

    i think for the battle music we need more “battle” if ya know what im sayin

  177. Laras says:

    i cant wait till its out :D

  178. Jango Fett says:

    all the music make me feel like an explorer

  179. micoco says:

    can we download this ?

  180. Techneatium says:

    as someone who has the soundtrack I think it is nice, they have some nice boss music but I agree that they need some more chip tune, or Terraria like music when your on the ground, making an pixel art game and then throwing in a orchestral soundtrack is nice, but kind of weird

  181. Alex says:

    Not too shabby. I was kinda hoping for some tunes like on the Dustforce soundtrack, Lifeformed made some awesome tunes for that game.

  182. SkeletonGamer says:

    So guys starbound came out
    How much of your social life u wasted

  183. TheZain says:

    i’m definitely going to enjoy exploring whilst listening to “Inviolate”

  184. Stephen Finlay says:

    my favorite is inviolate. woo! i’m listening to it right now. i am unable to express how awesome it is

  185. Juan Pablo Piña says:

    Open one tab with one song and open up another tab with a different song click play on both …….AWESOME did this on my I pad mini

  186. Grant Chapman says:

    A beautiful game with beautiful music, beautiful mechanics, and beautiful support by the developers. Updates almost everyday. I love it when a community comes together like this. Anyways, back on topic. I play many games that I usually mod with shaders to make the game look cool. I’ve always wanted to hear music from the actual game like this when I explore. Now I’ve found Starbound. Like if you agree this game has potential and I know I sound like I’m a total butt kisser right now, but can you blame me? Listen to this music.

  187. Saiya Darkfire says:

    <3 Inviolate:, Glitch: <3

  188. Tim Spatz says:

    Pre-ordered the pixel edition and I’m just listening to the soundtrack and reading recent news on the game. So hyped for this game and can’t wait to see the beta!

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