[UNSTABLE] Update March 19, 2014

Hey! We’re making another upload to the unstable branch today– just small updates, with one semi-important scripting fix that affects mostly mods (which is why we’d like it to go out quickly).


  • Temporarily disable image.cache (was accidentally re-enabled) pending incorporation into pak files
  • Fix Lua <-> C++ conversion with maps consisting of integers
  • net_socket_test, since it no longer waits on a specific packet type, had a race condition bug (fixed)


  • Weather conditions (embers, space junk, minor edits to windstorm)
  • Greenhouse random encounter, with lovely little flower beds :D (not craftable yet, but you can go steal them from a greenhouse!)



As usual, let us know in the comments if anything goes horribly wrong!

( Crash logs make it infinitely easier for us to diagnose and fix bugs!  Your crash log is a file called starbound.log located in your Starbound directory, which you can find by right-clicking the game in Steam and clicking Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files. Open up the crash log, copy its contents, paste them into Pastebin and give us the link. :) )