[UNSTABLE] Update April 8, 2014

Hey, listen! Patch notes for today’s update! It’s not a big one for content, since we’ve been focusing on some content-related things that are taking a bit longer. This one’s more focused on fixes or changes:


  • Added case insensitive option to regexMatch, case sensitive by default -> updated pak_ignore file for case insensitive matching
  • Fix bug with background mods not being shadowed properly
  • Some general cleanup of StarAssets.hpp/StarMonsterDatabase.cpp/StarMonsterDatabase.hpp/StarRoot.hpp
  • Added timer to fix monster oscillation while in wander state
  • Fixed some objects (drain, midjar1, windstorm2.projectile)
  • Add /serverreload server side command, fix ImageMetadataDatabase threading crash
  • Cleaned up the build process
  • Retain script storage if retainObjectParametersInItem is set in an object
  • All directional swords should not override the arm frame, fixes back arm drawing bug
  • Don’t allow material ids out of the actual material id range (same for mods), fix skyrail ids by wrapping them to what they actually represent in the file
  • Added tileIsOccupied to the Lua Bindings


  • Changes to monster behaviors/skills as per this post
  • Conversion of existing monsters to .partparams, with a few exceptions


EDIT: Some extra notes for modders provided here.