[UNSTABLE] Content Updates & Bug Fixes!

Greetings Earthlings :O

Here’s a list of changes currently in the unstable branch!

  • Treasure Horde sub-biome development
  • New treasure room micro dungeon
  • New objects for treasure horde and treasure dungeon: golden pedestal, grail, treasure chest, gold filled barrel, safe, gold vase, diamond display, wooden gold filled crate, Venus de Pixel
  • New ‘Heavy Iron Bars’ block
  • Make meteor showers less likely
  • New exception system that makes Windows binary much MUCH smaller
  • New mysterious light object
  • New ruins platform tiles
  • New, better, faster, stronger, more entertaining item descriptions
  • No more version strings required on mods, it was causing more problems than it was solving
  • New pak update system that makes steam updates of pak changes much much much smaller
  • Small exception fixes, no longer rename worlds when exception is not io related, better messages in some cases
  • New random swords
  • Coordinate corruption recovery for certain world files
  • Updated to Skyrails 2.0
  • Logfile rotation for starbound.log and starbound_server.log
  • Support for animated elements in cinematics
  • Spinner on loading screen
  • Hailstone weather
  • Deadlock fix on shutdown
  • New random blood / bone based gun and projectile
  • New items in Heck, including the helmet pictured above
  • Internal assets and pak based mods (if it is selected during build) will be version checked between clients and servers and must match
  • Apex micro dungeon changes
  • Some extra boring bug fixes not listed here

We’d like to move the stuff in unstable to stable soon, so if you’re playing in unstable it’d majorly help if you’d alert us to anything newly broken that would block us from doing so. You can do that right in the comments!