[UNSTABLE] 19th August Patch Notes

Hey everyone!

We’ve just pushed another patch to the unstable branch to address a bunch of the bugs you guys were dealing with, as well as some new stuff!

  • changelogFixed a crash that occurred when opening a regular crafting window after using a crafting table
  • Fixed NPCs getting stuck sideways after using beds
  • Fixed crash when painting materials with non-paintable material mods
  • Fixed crash in merchant interface when setting quantity on items without prices
  • Fixed several crashes in tenant dialog options
  • Fixed crash with serpent droids in the bunker dungeon
  • Fixed default server IP mode configuration for windows
  • Fixed missing recipes for tier 6 compounds
  • Fixed a bug causing objects to incorrectly play sounds when spawned
  • Don’t use bag type filters when using shift click to send items to a bag
  • Added prices for many more items and objects
  • Added more tenants
  • Added underground vines and more underground variety to several surface biomes
  • Experimental feature that shows NPC ‘status’ on occasion
  • More performance improvements

Here’s a little example of an NPC ‘status’ you might see:

Example of an NPC status