[STABLE] Pleased Giraffe Update 5


A new hotfix was pushed to stable last night, fixing several performance issues, bugs and problems with balance. Here’s a list of the changes.

  • Combat colony tags have been added to Weapon Chests and Gun Chests
  • The Bonesmith tenant will now spawn correctly
  • Chef tenants now spawn correctly (not random races anymore)
  • Agaran merchants now correctly sell their wares (the items have a sell price now)
  • Other items also got a sell price (Fluorescent Helmet, Wizard Hat, Mushroom Sword, etc.)
  • Small description fixes on a few items, such as ship walls
  • Hazmat NPCs now say “unidentified microorganisms” instead of “unknown bacteria”
  • Tenants catch fire less (less fire interactions with items like hand dryers)
  • Fixing a small visual bug on Apex feet
  • Lighting tweaks on most light objects (not sure how they were changed, but they were)
  • The people who had bad performance and then fixed it by resizing the window should now have better performance all the time, without needing to resize the window

Please let us know how this patch has effected Starbound’s performance for you! <3