Notice: Support E-mails


Quick note on support e-mails, because we’ve had the MOST INSANE RUSH of them since I mentioned that people who have lost access to their old e-mails or are otherwise having problems should contact me. So many e-mails that I cannot possibly answer them all myself unless I clone myself three times. So here’s some helpful info!

1. When in doubt, use Humble Bundle’s key re-sender tool.

It is the handiest thing ever, and you’ll find that most of you don’t need my help at all!

2. Steam keys are going out tomorrow at 10AM PST, look for them in your e-mail! Any links or things that look like keys currently on your Starbound pre-order redeem page are not Steam keys.

Lots of people seem to be trying to activate them. :P

That’s all! Back to our regularly scheduled hyping.

3. INVALID KEY errors. We’re currently having some SQL database errors on our own site, causing a MySQL “Connection Refused” and “Invalid Key” error on Redeem Pages. It’s ok! Your key is fine!

Your keys are handled by Humble Bundle and all keys are working fine on their end, it’s just an issue of the Redeem Page error on our own site. We’re working to have this fixed ASAP, sorry for the scare!